"The Sunken Tomb" (1x44) is the sixth episode of the fourth chapter of Critical Role. In hopes of defeating the Chroma Conclave, Vox Machina sets out to recover the Vestiges of the Divergence—ancient armor, weapons, and other items of immense power. They learn the location of one Vestige, the Deathwalker's Ward, interred with an ancient Champion of the Raven Queen... at the bottom of a lake.

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The regular episode for 2016-02-25 was replaced due to cast illnesses and attendance at a funeral,[1] airing "Critical Role Q&A and Battle Royale!" (Sx08) instead.

The regular episode for 2016-03-03 was cancelled due to Matthew Mercer and Marisha Ray being in Ireland for Kaizoku-Con.[1]

This episode celebrates the one-year anniversary of Critical Role, which is 2016-03-12.

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"Vox Machina, our intrepid band of adventurers, after dealing with the horrible attacks by the dragon circle known as the Chroma Conclave destroying cities all across Tal'Dorei, the party escaped, sent the refugees they could, as well as allies, back to Whitestone—seemingly not on the radar of this attacking front of dragons at the moment. They made their way toward Vasselheim to find allies, Pike staying behind to help with the refugees at the moment.

"Upon going to Vasselheim, [they] managed to encounter a number of old friends from the Slayer's Take and enlist them for the time being to help [them] with the refugees and [their] current wanderings in the city proper. At the same time, [they] encountered Lady Kima, who also has agreed to help with the events in Whitestone and this entire dragon attack towards the east. After wandering the city for a bit and retrieving these allies, [they] followed Grog into the Trial Forge, where [he] had a conversation with Earthbreaker Groon—and by conversation I mean a full-on, drag-out sandpit battle to prove [his] worth to him. In which case [he] was given information about these things called the Vestiges of the Divergence—artifacts of great legendary power that existed from previous wars that had wiped out most of society multiple times. These Vestiges have been scattered around the world, many of them lost to the history books, or passed down as symbols of power through various bloodlines or government positions, or stolen and haven't been seen for hundreds of years.

"[The party] found the location of two of them: one of which was the Titanstone Knuckles, and the other happened to be some sort of leather, the Deathwalker's Ward that belonged to a Champion of the Raven Queen. This exists in, apparently, the Champion's tomb, which used to exist to the west of Vasselheim, until it eventually sunk into the ground as the topography shifted over time, and resides beneath a lake known as the Marrowglade Loch."

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Several Geek & Sundry promotional videos aired during the break.

  • International Tabletop Day:
    • The Doubleclicks played music and sung the message in this promotion for International Tabletop Day on 2016-04-30.
    • Information about this event is available at, Geek & Sundry's website, and through "#TabletopDay" on social media.
    • Geek & Sundry will feature a 24-hour livestream on Twitch from midnight until midnight (PDT) on 2016-04-30. Hosted by Ivan Van Norman and featuring Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton, there will be special guests and many different tabletop games throughout the day.
    • The livestream will raise funds for charity.
    • Notably, one of the graphics in this promo featured an owlbear, after owlbears were spotted by Vox Machina earlier in this episode of Critical Role for the first time on stream.
  • Signal Boost! With Marisha Ray:
    • Marisha Ray introduced her new Geek & Sundry series (not the same promo that aired with this episode of Critical Role).
  • Super Fun Awesome Party Game Time:
    • Hosts Jesse Cox and Jessica Marzipan introduced their show, which features hosts and guests playing classic board games with a twist.
    • In this episode, guests Chloe Dykstra and Jason Horton joined the hosts to play the game Thin Ice—with teams, blindfolds, and punishments for the losers.
  • Critical Role Fan Art:
    • Per tradition, this video slideshow of fan art begins with an expression of gratitude from the cast and crew of Critical Role to the Critters for sharing their art.
    • The corresponding fan art article/gallery from 2016-03-10 includes the art featured in this slideshow.
    • Ends with a "Thank you!"

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Official miniature of Lady Kima, painted by Matthew Mercer.[2]

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  • Benjamin Cole[spelling?]: A staff member at a book collector's shop in Vasselheim.
  • Purvan Suul[3] (corpse): One of the highest champions of the order of the Raven Queen. When he swore himself to the Raven Queen, his name was given to the Raven Queen as a gift. Like her other champions, he therefore became nameless, referred to by other people only as "The Champion".

Returning Edit

Inventory Edit

Adjustment Count Item Source Destination Notes
Acquired 1 dusty old book Benjamin Cole's book collector's shop Vex'ahlia
Relinquished 30 gold Vex'ahlia Benjamin Cole Vex tried to haggle, but ended up paying full price.
Transferred 1 Moonhammer Zahra Grog Zahra gifted this warhammer to Grog, which she crafted herself.
Acquired 2 owlbear feathers wandering owlbears Vex'ahlia Vex scavenged the fallen feathers; no owlbears were harmed.
Converted 2 owlbear-feather arrows Vex'ahlia Vex fletched two arrows with the scavenged owlbear feathers.
Acquired 6 gold kuo-toa corpses (pit level) Vax'ildan
unknown quantity kuo-toa bones It is unclear whether Vax kept the bones after playing with them.
Acquired unknown quantity ("a few") beholder teeth beholder corpse Zahra
2 beholder eye-stalks Keyleth
Acquired unknown quantity ("a bunch") poor-quality spears kuo-toa corpses (main level) Scanlan
unknown quantity poor-quality leather armor
12 gold
Acquired 1 Deathwalker's Ward Purvan Suul's sarcophagus Percy set of jet-black studded leather armor that has a series of runic engravings and carvings along every square inch of the leather. where the leather mantle falls, the edge is trimmed with black feathers
Acquired 1 black crystal Grog's Bag of Holding
Transferred[4] 1 Arrow of Dragon-Slaying Zahra Vex'ahlia Zahra crafted this arrow specifically for Vex'ahlia, after they slew Rimefang.

Quotations Edit

  • Matthew Mercer:  "One of the highest of the order of the Raven Queen, that fought in her name, [...] was named Purvan—"
    Laura Bailey:  "Haha, yeah he was!"
    Marisha Ray:  "Perv'on?"
    Matt:  "Purvan! P-U-R-V-A-N!"
    Sam Riegel:  "Last name: Pedobear!"
    Taliesin Jaffe:  "We're running out of good names, aren't we? We've finally gotten to the end of your list of good names."
    Travis Willingham:  [laughing] "Perv'on Pedobear, haha!"
    Matt:  "Ohhh, you guys are cruisin' to a TPK today!"
    Laura:  "Not on the anniversary, Matt! Not on the anniversary!"
    Matt:  "Yeah, this is great."
    Travis:  "Haha, Perv'on Pedobear!"
    Mary Elizabeth McGlynn:  "Kash and Z were left, staring at the bodies…"
    Matt:  "Purvan! For the second—"
    Liam O'Brien:  "Yes, yes, get your perv on! Emphatically!"
    Matt:  "Oh, alright, that's…that's…that's…"
    Taliesin:  "Perv on, Matt."
    Travis:  [laughing] "I can't breathe!"
    Matt:  [writing notes] "—more hit points onto these guys…"[5]
  • Laura:  "We can talk in mist form?"
    Matt:  "Uh... sure." [cast bursts into laughter] "At this point, I don't give a shit."[6]
  • Will Friedle:  "Kash walks over to also pee, and then looks down at Grog and goes, 'Holy god!', and just turns and walks."[7]
  • Taliesin, on disarming a swinging-blade trap by hand:  "We get two tries each—it'll be great."[8]
  • Matt:  "It looks like there was a path that went to the right; that whole thing collapsed inward and is completely impassable."
    Liam:  "And it's pooped into the passage down here?"
    Will, to Liam:  "Wow, you paint with words."
    Liam:  "This is my profession!"[9]
  • Sam:  "Remember, Laura, you can move a little bit faster, because you have 30 gold less than you did earlier."[10]
  • Liam:  I pull my sister in close, and I say, "Take me instead, you raven bitch."[11]

Trivia Edit

  • This episode marks the first time that Vex'ahlia has died.
    • This is the second on-stream death of a player character, and the third overall.

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