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This wiki contains spoilers for all stories of Critical Role. This includes the story for unaired episodes of The Legend of Vox Machina, as it's based on the first campaign of Critical Role from 2015-2017.


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"The Siege of Emon" (1x78) is the seventy-eighth episode of the first campaign of Critical Role. Having gathered their allies, Vox Machina heads for the center of Emon to begin the final battle against Thordak the Cinder King.



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Previously on Critical Role

"Our fantastic band of adventurers, Vox Machina, have been battling against the Chroma Conclave, a collection of evil, dangerous, chromatic dragons led by Thordak the Cinder King, who has been reigning over their home city of Emon for quite some time, terrorizing the community and apparently slowly undergoing a change based on the elemental stone that is embedded in his body that once locked him in the Plane of Fire.

"They've defeated most of the dragons and allied with one of the only remaining members: Raishan, the green dragon. They have since acquired a number of allies, made their way to the Fire Plane, the City of Brass, and returned to find Fort Daxio under attack. They managed to defend it, saved a few friends, and returned to Whitestone. It seems like everything is gearing itself towards the final conflict in Emon with Thordak the Cinder King.

"Last we left off, they were meeting underneath Whitestone at the Ziggurat with the current-standing council; the war council of both Whitestone and this entire endeavor. With multiple armies to converge on Emon in the coming days, now is their time to relax and plan their next moves.

Part I

At the ziggurat beneath Whitestone, Vox Machina carefully considers their plan for the coming day of battle. They devise a plan to have the various armies strike the city from all sides, giving them the ability to slip through the sewers into the center to get to Thordak himself. The party moves up to the castle to be outside the influence of the sphere and on the way they are met by Elementalist Drake Thunderbrand. He says they've been working on a few things for the party and to meet him in the common room. Upstairs in the castle, Keyleth uses her druidic nature to scry on a tree within the temple in Greyskull Keep and sees that at least the temple is still intact.

The party splits up to gather their allies around the city and tell them they are marching on Emon tomorrow. Vex goes to speak with Zahra, who offers her enthusiastic support. Keyleth goes to the guard barracks to talk with Kashaw. She apologizes to him and very nervously asks him to help them. He seems unwilling until he hears Zahra is involved, and then he immediately says he's in. Scanlan finds Jarett in a tavern, who had already assumed he was coming along. He slyly asks about the drugs he'd sent Jarett to find, and Jarett walks him outside and hands over a small amount of Suude. He tells Scanlan to never ask him to do this again. Scanlan asks him how to use the Suude, and Jarett walks away in embarrassment and disgust.

Percy spends some time (and 500 gold's worth of materials) repairing Bad News and then goes to find Cassandra. She is in her room, speaking with Allura, Gilmore, Brom Goldhand, and Drake Thunderbrand about what's to happen tomorrow. Percy informs them of the plan and asks if there are any supplies left for them to take with them tomorrow. Drake produces three Potions of Greater Healing and one basic Potion of Healing, and also four Potions of Fire Resistance that he's been able to make. Drake volunteers his assistance tomorrow and leaves to go pray. Percy tells Cassandra to seal off the city if they fail in their assault and protect Whitestone, and Cassandra says that she and Allura had already been discussing that. Percy leaves and passes Vax at the door, who is coming to speak with Gilmore. Vax asks him to help them "save the world" tomorrow and Gilmore is eager to take vengeance on Thordak for destroying his home.

The party reconvenes and discusses equipment and tactics with Kashaw and Zahra. Kashaw suggests a revision to the battle plan: send skirmishes to several locations on the city walls, then send the brunt of the attack to one fortified position to more effectively pull the armies away from Thordak. Zahra uses Awakened Mind to telepathically speak to Kash, telling him to keep an eye on Raishan and if anything seems out of place they'll kill her.

Pike prepares a Heroes' Feast for everyone. Afterward the party speaks with Allura, learning that the Syngorn army, along with Daxio's reinforcements, should arrive at Emon in the early afternoon. They discuss the numbers of the various forces in play. They fear they will be weak in the air, given the number of wyverns in the city, and Keyleth says she can ask her father and the Air Ashari for assistance.

Zahra pulls Vex aside and tells her she's very concerned about Raishan, and if she has to she'll go down taking her out. She'd spoken with the dragon while Vox Machina were away, trying to glean information, and doesn't trust her one bit. Vex says she doesn't either and they agree they'll keep an eye on her.

Keyleth, Vax, and Allura make their way to the Sun Tree and Transport via Plants to Zephrah. They make their way into the village, Keyleth playing tour guide all the while, and Korrin flies over to them on his sky glider. The Air Ashari have gathered information about what's to come and knows that Keyleth is here to ask for their aid. She asks him to send air support against the wyverns, and to create a storm before the battle to incapacitate as many of them as possible. He agrees, and asks Keyleth to use the sky to signal them when to rush in. They bid each other goodbye and head back to Whitestone while Allura pokes fun at Keyleth for not introducing her.

Fan art of the "Later" Talk, by Lap Pun Cheung.[art 1]

That night, Percy heads to Vex's door. Through it, she asks him if he's here for the "later" talk he promised her after they killed Vorugal. He says no and that he has something to show her. She opens the door completely naked. He pulls out four bottles of booze from a bag and enters, closing the door behind him.


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  • The Wyrmwood giveaway winner is Jannro

Part II

The next day, Vox Machina and company anxiously prepare their equipment for the battle ahead. Allura receives word that the Syngorn army has arrived just short of Emon and is setting up camp to prepare for their attack at sundown. Vax and Kashaw quickly spar so that Vax can get comfortable with the Dragonslayer Sword until Zahra breaks them up. Gilmore arrives in noble Marqesian garb, ready for the fight.

Keyleth uses the Scrying Eye on Vax and Vex's father to attempt to find a tree near the army camp, but instead sees him sitting in his home in Syngorn. Allura uses Scry on Mikael Daxio and sees the army and a few trees around. Several other allies arrive, including Raishan in "Larkin" form. Allura teleports herself, Keyleth, and some others of the party to the war camp, and Keyleth opens a Transport via Plants portal to the Sun Tree, where the rest are waiting to come through.

They are led to Daxio, where they review the battle plan. Daxio is happy to learn that the Air Ashari will be lending air support, and says that should allow them to set up a fortified position in the city once they breach the walls. The storm the Ashari are creating can already be seen in the distance. Once the plan is confirmed, the party make their way around to Greyskull Keep, Kashaw passing by an old acquaintance named Dale on the way.

The party stealthily enters their old home and sees no sign of anyone inside, but it's been picked clean by looters or squatters. Percy does find a cask of gunpowder in his workshop and gives it to Grog to bring along with them. They distribute their potions and make their way through their secret tunnel and up into the southern edge of Emon. Scanlan uses Seeming to make everyone look like lizardfolk and Gilmore turns himself and the twins invisible.

The party quickly finds a grate that leads to the city's sewer system that Grog pulls open and they duck inside. After a few minutes they enounter a group of people moving in the same direction that they are. They try to convince them they're friendlies, but the group is frightened and runs ahead out of sight. After about ten minutes of chasing, the group of people close a large heavy door behind them. The door is locked and trapped, but Scanlan is able to talk them out of the situation and they open the door, revealing about thirty malnourished-looking Clasp members. The one who was speaking tells them that the word on the street is that something is happening tonight and the Clasp is preparing. Kashaw tells him that there's about ten minutes until all hell breaks loose, and the man quickly leads them through the sewers further into the city.

Through openings above, the party can see and hear that the storm has arrived. They press on and the temperature underground begins steeply rising and they begin to see lava seeping through breaks in the rock. They move further inside, the lightning outside now striking every few seconds, and they hear the thundering roar of Thordak not far from where they stand.

Fan art of Zahra holding back the fire giants, by Brandon Chang.[art 2]

The man points up to a small, damaged tunnel leading to an opening above and says this is as close as he can get them. The man bids them good luck and turns back the way he came. The ladder leading up the tunnel is mostly broken off, but Vax and Vex skillfully climb the tunnel and slide the cover open. They see that they are in the street a short way outside the wall to the burning Cloudtop district. There are two fire giants guarding the gate on high alert in the chaos. Zahra and Kashaw tell the party they will distract the guards while they slip inside the wall. Vex drops a rope down for the rest of the party and they climb out of the tunnel. The fire giants notice them and Zahra casts Evard's Black Tentacles to hold them in place.

Keyleth makes an opening in the clouds, creating a moonbow signal through the rain. The storm immediately intensifies and several Air Ashari can be seen overhead on their sky sails. In the distance, a loud explosion sound is heard; Daxio's attack on the walls has begun. The party make a break for the gate and Grog bursts through it with his axe. Vex and Vax take shots at the giants as they and the rest of the party bolt through the gate. Kashaw notices some sort of living flame emerge from several of the surrounding buildings, and he and Zahra stay behind to hold them and the giants off.

Vox Machina and their companions find the Cloudtop in ruins and a large smoldering crater in the center. From it, Thordak the Cinder King emerges, his eyes glowing bright white and a scar in his chest where the crystal was once visible. "It appears that we have guests," he says into the chaos, "Where are you?"

Featured Characters


Adjustment Count Item Source Destination Notes
Transferred 1 small packet of suude Jarett Howarth Scanlan Shorthalt Jarett gives Scanlan the suude he requested previously.[1]
Transferred 3 Potions of Greater Healing Drake Vox Machina
Transferred 1 Basic Potion of Healing Drake Vox Machina
Transferred 4 Potions of Fire Resistance Drake Vox Machina
Transferred 1 Boots of Haste Vax'ildan Vex'ahlia Vax loans Vex the Boots of Haste for the duration of the battle in exchange for a Potion of Haste. The trade was proposed at 1:12:28[2] and confirmed to have occurred at 2:21:46.[3]
Transferred 1 Potion of Haste Vex'ahlia Vax'ildan Traded for the Boots of Haste. See above.


  • Marisha: I drop to one knee and start tying my boot. I start retying my shoe
    Kashaw: You're like five feet from me! Am I not supposed to see that?
    Keyleth: Oh my god, Kash! Whoa, I didn't see you there!
    Kashaw: Really? Interesting. It was the looking at me that threw me.[4]
  • Kashaw: Is there a weak point?
    Scanlan: Yeah, our plan![5]
  • Taliesin: I knock on Vex’s door. I have a bag, and I go to Vex’s door and knock on her door.
    Vex: Hello, who is it?
    Percy: It’s me, I have something to show you.
    Vex: (faux surprise) Percy?
    Percy: No, I’m an evil green dragon, let me in.
    Vex: Are you here for our "later" talk?
    Percy: No this is a very– open the door, I have something to show you.
    Vex: Fine. I open the door-- completely naked![6]


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