"The Siege of Emon" (1x78) is the ninth episode of the sixth chapter of Critical Role. Having gathered their allies, Vox Machina heads for the center of Emon to begin the final battle against Thordak the Cinder King.

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"Our fantastic band of adventurers, Vox Machina, have been battling against the Chroma Conclave, a collection of evil, dangerous, chromatic dragons led by Thordak the Cinder King, who has been reigning over their home city of Emon for quite some time, terrorizing the community and apparently slowly undergoing a change based on the elemental stone that is embedded in his body that once locked him in the Plane of Fire.

"They've defeated most of the dragons and allied with one of the only remaining members: Raishan, the green dragon. They have since acquired a number of allies, made their way to the Fire Plane, the City of Brass, and returned to find Fort Daxio under attack. They managed to defend it, saved a few friends, and returned to Whitestone. It seems like everything is gearing itself towards the final conflict in Emon with Thordak the Cinder King.

"Last we left off, they were meeting underneath Whitestone at the Ziggurat with the current-standing council; the war council of both Whitestone and this entire endeavor. With multiple armies to converge on Emon in the coming days, now is their time to relax and plan their next moves.

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The Later Talk - Lap Pun Cheung

Fan art of the "Later" Talk, by Lap Pun Cheung.[art 1]

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Vox Machina


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Adjustment Count Item Source Destination Notes
Transferred 1 small packet of suude Jarett Howarth Scanlan Shorthalt Jarett gives Scanlan the suude he requested previously.[1]
Transferred 1 Boots of Haste Vax'ildan Vex'ahlia Vax loans Vex the Boots of Haste for the duration of the battle in exchange for a Potion of Haste. The trade was proposed at 1:12:28[2] and confirmed to have occurred at 2:21:46.[3]
Transferred 1 Potion of Haste Vex'ahlia Vax'ildan Traded for the Boots of Haste. See above.

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  • Taliesin: I knock on Vex’s door. I have a bag, and I go to Vex’s door and knock on her door.
    Vex: Hello, who is it?
    Percy: It’s me, I have something to show you.
    Vex: (faux surprise) Percy?
    Percy: No, I’m an evil green dragon, let me in.
    Vex: Are you here for our "later" talk?
    Percy: No this is a very– open the door, I have something to show you.
    Vex: Fine. I open the door-- completely naked!

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  3. Vex'ahlia states that she is attuning to the Boots of Haste that she was given by her brother.  See "The Siege of Emon" (1x78) at 2:21:46.


  1. Fan art of the "Later" Talk, by Lap Pun Cheung (source).  Used with permission.

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