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The Ready Room is the only inn in Bazzoxan and is owned and run by Delez and Prima Demona, a drow brother-and-sister team.


The Ready Room acts as the trade hub of Bazzoxan as well as the only lodging place in the village. Prices for items are much higher at the Ready Room as trade is hard to come by due to its desolate location. A portion of their inventory comes from merchants who never left Bazzoxan after originally coming to just trade.


The Ready Room is a plain, large, pointed barn. Atop the exterior of the building, there is a sign with the words "The Ready Room" in multiple languages, including Common. Jester successfully modified the sign to read "The Ruddy Poon" instead.[1]

The building's interior is a large open space filled up with stacks of materials and equipment. There is also a ladder that leads up to an upper deck in the building that is utilized as lodging. It is described as a very rough and tumble place.


  • Delez Demona: Clerk at the Ready Room; a male drow, brother of Prima Demona
  • Prima Demona: Clerk at the Ready Room; a female drow, sister of Delez Demona


"Beneath Bazzoxan" (2x66)[]

The Mighty Nein took rest at the Ready Room after traveling across the Barbed Fields.


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