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This deity was the God of Death preceding the Raven Queen.

This god did not regard death as a natural transition and took a tyrannical stance over death and the afterlife. During the Age of Arcanum, this god had gained a mortal mage (whose name was lost to history) as his follower and partner, who would take his place one day as the god of death.[3]

During the same period, the god of death punished his child, the Forgotten Empyrean, by banishing it to the plane of Pandemonium.[4] Before he could retrieve his son from Pandemonium, his partner crafted the rites of ascension and challenged him. She felled[1] or, by rising, instantly obliterated[5] this deity and took his place in the pantheon, becoming the Raven Queen,[1] though she was not permitted to claim his whole portfolio, instead only gaining power over the moment of death.[6] The Raven Queen sundered his name from reality.[7] As of 812 PD, the previous God of Death was largely forgotten.[5]

Appearances and mentions


  • In the Dawn War pantheon of the Nentir Vale setting, which the Critical Role pantheon is based on, the god of death that the Raven Queen replaced was Nerull.
  • This god was the only member of the Prime Deities who was not good or neutral, being described as tyrannical and without respect for the natural transition of souls to the afterlife.[8] It is possible that the reason why he chose the side of the Prime Deities during the Schism was because if the mortal races survived, that would ultimately benefit his domain, since more creatures would be born and he could claim more souls.
  • During the Age of Arcanum the ritual to cast True Resurrection was forbidden, according to Patia Por'co, who remarked that one of the reasons she tried it was because death had a new owner.[9] It is possible that, before the Raven Queen's ascension, her predecessor was against the kind of magic that would take souls away from his domain, even if it was through legitimate methods, since he benefited claiming the dead.[10]


  1. It is not abundantly clear that this relatively "tyrannical" god was one of the Prime Deities, but the preface that the Prime Deities were hurt by mortals' belief that they could become gods themselves and the fact that the future Raven Queen was this god's follower and partner are suggestive.


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