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"The Open Road" (2x05) is the fifth episode of the second campaign of Critical Role.



On the Twitch stream, a Critical Role fan art slideshow played before the episode began.  It featured the following art:

The slideshow repeated partially until the episode began.


  • Thank you to our returning sponsor and partner for the foreseeable future: D&D Beyond. Matt just learned today that you can add players to your campaign, and now he has access to his player's character sheets at all times.
    • Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes is now available for pre-order on, and the code "beginnings" can be used to get $10 off the new book. Sam holds a competition between Liam, Marisha, and Travis to name a character generated on D&D Beyond. The winner will personally get a copy of the book from Sam himself. The contest ends with Liam = 2, Marisha = 0, and Travis = Marisha wins and gets the book!
  • Talks Machina is next Tuesday at 7:00 pm PST, to discuss tonight's episode.
  • The premiere of Weave Society happened yesterday. It is an interactive storytelling RPG played by the ladies of Geek & Sundry. More episodes will air at 9:30 pm PST, after The Wednesday Club.
  • "Disparate Pieces" (2x04) is now available in podcast form for the Critical Role Podcast.
  • The latest issue of the Critical Role comic ("Vox Machina: Origins #4") is now available for digital download wherever digital comics are sold (Comixology, Dark Horse, etc.). Minxie is in it, killing things.
  • Check out the fantastic charity 826LA if you haven't already. The group does fantastic after-school programs for kids to get into creative writing. If you can't give to help out this charity, you can donate your time as well to help teach some of these kids and help them expand their imaginations. Critical Role continues to support them moving forward.
  • If you want to know what conventions the cast will be at in the near-future, watch last week's episode:  "Disparate Pieces" (2x04). It gets monotonous for them to announce it every episode.
  • "The Blade of Galadriel" expansion pack for Middle-earth: Shadow of War came out last Tuesday, and you can play as Laura. Not Eltariel, but literally Laura Bailey herself running around Mordor, throwing donuts. She also has a Ring of Power. Go get it and check it out.

Previously on Critical Role

"So last we left off: the group of adventurers, whose fates are slowly entwining, found themselves meeting in the city of Trostenwald, on the southern reaches of the Dwendalian Empire, on the continent of Wildemount. Through a mishap in a circus passing through town, you began to give chase to the investigation that seemed to have caught you up in this legal issue, and you find yourselves locked under house arrest and being considered possible murderers.

"You sought the answer to this endeavor. You found the Devil Toad (or the Nergaliid, as you discovered) was responsible. You hunted it down, slew it, brought its head back, and - after arguing with a very tired and just-kind-of-wanting-to-get-it-over-with Lawmaster in Trostenwald - managed to convince her enough to let you off the hook...and leave most of the standing legal issues with Gustav. Thus, disbanding the circus, and setting you and Yasha free.

"Yasha went on her own path, while the rest of you (the six of you) decided "strength in numbers", and at the time-being, you all seem to enjoy each other's company. Purchasing a fresh map, looking at your future prospects and your dwindling funds, you decided to head northward towards the city of Zadash, by way of the "Golden Road", past the city of Alfield..."

Part I

After smacking the rear end of the single horse pulling the cart, the spooked horse rides off into the northern fields with Fjord and Nott. The other four chase after them. After several hours of travel, the party takes a break on the side of the road. Caleb uses Frumpkin to scout ahead while Beau and Jester climb a tree.

After making camp for the evening, Caleb is taking watch and sees mysterious creatures in the distance, and Nott goes to investigate. Nott uses the message cantrip to communicate to Caleb that they are buffalo-type creatures. Caleb is very excited and proud of her, saying that he doesn't know that spell himself.

After further investigation, Fjord, Beauregard, Caleb, and Nott see that the unknown creatures are buffalo, and all go back to sleep. That night, Fjord has a mysterious dream of being underwater, with a large eye watching him. He wakes up with a start, coughing up seawater and discovering his sword missing from its sheath. The rest of the party is very concerned for him and ask him questions about his sword, his past as a sailor and his magical abilities. Jester shares a concern that Fjord may be turning into water, and says that if he feels himself start to turn into water, tell the others so they can catch him in a jar. Fjord does not appreciate this terrifying new thought.


  • Marisha Ray "Additional Content Acquired" PSA about Twitch subscriptions, Amazon Prime, and resubscribing.
  • Sam de Leve and Eric Campbell promo for "Behind the Shield"
  • Adulting in the Apocalypse: Confidence
  • Marisha Ray "Additional Content Acquired" promo for Alpha
  • Painter's Guild: Ron Hawkins interview
  • Marisha Ray "Additional Content Acquired" PSA asking viewers who want to avoid spoilers to mute hashtags rather than yell at cast members
  • The art slideshow replayed through @Torheit's drawing of Frumpkin and Jester

Part II

Featured Characters

Player Characters






  • Laura: "You're doing it, Peter! You're doing it!" (encouraging Liam to eat imaginary donuts; a reference to the movie "Hook")
  • Jester: "These donuts...are not that old." (Jester sidestepping the fact that the donuts from her bag are stale)
  • Jester: "Have you ever made him...?" (pestering Caleb about what Frumpkin can turn into, despite Caleb being unable to hear or respond)
  • Caleb: "NEIN!" (repeated by the rest of the cast for comedic effect)
  • Nott: "This is fine." (said while in a burning building)


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