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The Observer is a lesser deity worshiped in Niirdal-Poc from whom Dariax Zaveon, Thrascuur, and Fy'ra Rai draw their powers.[2]


Fan art of the Observer, by Alika Gupta.[art 2]



The Observer - Pawthorn

Fan art of the Observer, by Pawthorn.[art 3]

The Observer is a feline humanoid with four feathered wings and a calm expression. In her appearance as a massive statue in Niirdal-Poc, she is surrounded by a gold and gray "shattered halo" of light.[3]


The Observer is patient, amiable, and casual when speaking with Dariax.[4] She does not speak to Dorian, but appears to appreciate his music and granted him respite.[5]


The Observer manifested for the first time during the Age of Arcanum, when she witnessed the strange and wonderful magic practiced in the Qoniira Tetrarchy, and decided to bless them with wilder magical gifts.[6]

As of 843 PD her main role, as her name indicates, was to watch.[7] She was able to grant powers of wild, chaotic intuition or magic, known as the "Gift", to her followers.[8] She gave her blessing to Dariax after interacting with him in Niirdal-Poc, and Fy'ra Rai told the sorcerer that the Observer was "one who sees all and helps others to see."[9]

In 843 PD during the apogee solstice, the Observer, like other powerful entities, noticed it, but while other deities were nervous, she was interested and curious,[10] not feeling particularly threatened, nor worried about her place in the world.[11]

Appearances and mentions[]


  • "I am the Observer, and I give unto you the Gift." – told to the people of Niirdal-Poc in the Age of Arcanum before disappearing and bestowing wild magic on much of Qoniira[6]
  • "I speak to others, but not in the same way. I bequeathed The Gift or am The Gift or am an understanding of what The Gift is."[12]
  • (to Dariax) "I like what you're doing, and you will continue to have my favor, should you need it."[13]


  • Aabria Iyengar described the Observer as a "shred of divinity", a spirit, and a minor deity.[14]
  • Despite her most common representation it is unknown if she favors catfolk specifically, or if she has any connection with Melora, as their alleged creator and a deity very connected with the founding of the Qoniira Tetrarchy.
  • It is not clear what her specific symbol may be, but she is associated both with Dariax's compass pendant[15] and with her four large feathery wings.[16]


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