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The Nestled Nook Inn is a two-story building in Trostenwald where the Mighty Nein first met, and the first specific location introduced in the second campaign.[1]


The inn has three rooms upstairs with a communal washroom at the very end of the hall.[2] Although the hall does not contain windows, each of the rooms has a window, but there is no further description of the rooms. There is a job board on one of the walls where job adverts can be found.[3]


  • Yorda: A 40-something-year-old woman who is the tavern-keeper, rents out the rooms and seems to manage the inn. She had shoulder length blonde hair and weathered skin.[4]
  • Adelaine: A redhead barmaid who rushed from table to table taking orders and going to and from the back kitchen to get meals for customers.[5]


Beverages Food
Coffee[6] Baked Goods[7]
Fire Whiskey[8] Eggs[9]
Milk[10] Meats:[11]
Trosts (ale):[12] Bacon[13]
Baumbauch[14] Bratwurst[15]
Husseldorf[16] Pork Belly[17]
von Brandt[18] Porridge (Mush)[19][20]


"Curious Beginnings" (2x01)[]

Caleb and Nott slept in a second-floor room of the inn after an apparently rough evening. Beauregard, Fjord, and Jester met a patron at this inn to collect payment, which in turn led to the two groups meeting; Jester had etched a dick into one the inn's tables. Eventually, the group was joined by Mollymauk and Yasha, who walked in to spread the word about their carnival being in town.

On the job board, there was a sheet posted by someone in the Hills Ward seeking individuals for an extermination run near the southern portion of the Ustaloch, seemingly due to a vole infestation.

"Beyond the Boundaries" (2x32)[]

The Mighty Nein visited the tavern while on they way to the Menagerie Coast. They were greeted by Yorda and ordered von Brandt Trost for the table (and one milk for Jester). They enjoyed their drinks and headed out to visit the stockade.

Later that evening, they returned to the inn to settle for the night and prepare for their journey to come.

"Between the Lines" (2x78)[]

The Mighty Nein visited the tavern whilst passing through Trostenwald, reminiscing about how their adventure began.[22]


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