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The Mistake,[1] formerly known as The Mist,[2] is the ship formerly commanded by Captain Javeed Jawgrasp. Upon killing the captain and stealing the ship in Nicodranas, Fjord assumed the role of its captain under the moniker "Captain Tusktooth".[3]


The Mistake is about 50 feet long with a gangplank, a rowboat,[4] a flag bearing a light gray curled wave,[5] and a single big sail that is made for speed.[6] The aft of the ship has the name written in paint.[7] The quarters are uncomfortable and designed for a fast ship. The crew’s quarters are below deck where usually the gun deck should be.[8] With a full crew the long ship can travel 72 miles per day.[9]


As The Mist []

As The Mistake []

The entire crew was forced to abandon The Mistake when they were banished from Darktow Isle and expelled from The Revelry.


Jawgrasp's Captaincy[]

Under the captaincy of Javeed Jawgrasp, The Mist served as a sister ship to the Squalleater.[20] They flew a light gray flag that looked like a wave of water that curls away.[21]

"Dockside Diplomacy" (2x35)

The Mist by BlackSalander

Fan art of The Mistake, by BlackSalander.[art 2]

While the crew was doing business with Marius LePual, they were interrupted by the Mighty Nein, who had followed Marius LePual to the docks in Nicodranas. The Mighty Nein had attempted to eavesdrop on the discussion between Marius and the crew, but were discovered. In the ensuing fight, the Mighty Nein killed most of the crew, with Yasha killing the captain. The only surviving members were the ship's carpenter, Gallan Westman, and Marius LePual.[22] The ship was then commandeered by the Mighty Nein.[23]

Tusktooth's Captaincy[]

Before he became captain, Fjord's first action on The Mist was to turn the rudder of the ship towards the open ocean to make it out of Nicodranas’s harbor to relative safety. The Mighty Nein tied Marius LePual to the mast and headed below deck to take stock of their new ship.

"O Captain, Who's Captain?" (2x36) The Mighty Nein found Gallan Westman below deck attempting to burn the records of The Mist's dealings. When they found out he was the ship's carpenter, they convinced him to join them, and Nott appointed him first mate. They renamed the ship The Mistake, and Jester Lavorre painted the new name on the stern. The Mighty Nein took the ship back to Nicodranas, stocked up with one month's worth of supplies, and hired a crew that included Orly Skiffback as navigator. Fjord was appointed the position of captain and took the moniker "Captain Tusktooth".

The Mistake set sail towards the Inkclaw Reef. On the first night at sea, the ship was attacked by harpies. The Mighty Nein defeated them before they could do serious damage to the sails or carry off any of the crew.

On the morning of the third day, The Mistake reached the Inkclaw Reef. Fjord and Orly navigated through the reef, but the ship took hull damage. The ship began to take on water. Fjord closed the hole from the outside using the mattress from the captain's quarters while Gallan patched the hole with pieces of pulled apart barrels. The leak slowed to a manageable level, but could not be fully repaired until the ship was docked.[24] Through the casting of Leomund's Tiny Hut, Caleb’s magical sphere completely stopped the water from entering the ship as long as Caleb stayed inside the sphere.

Now through the reef, The Mistake headed towards Urukayxl to dock to find that another ship, the Squalleater, was already there. It fired a warning shot at The Mistake. Fjord ordered the crew to stop as two rowboats from the other ship made their way over to The Mistake.

"Dangerous Liaisons" (2x37) The Mistake was boarded by Vera, Bouldergut, and a third unidentified male crew member. The Mighty Nein left Bouldergut on board of the ship with their crew and rowed to the Squalleater to parlay with Captain Avantika. As the Mighty Nein boarded the Squalleater, The Mistake was led towards the shore so that the hull could be repaired.

"Dubious Pursuits" (2x40) While the Mighty Nein explored Urukayxl, the ship was repaired. When the Mighty Nein made their way to the Squalleater, The Mistake had been pulled off the shore, seemingly repaired enough to be at least semi-serviceable.

"A Pirate's Life for Me" (2x41) The Mistake sailed to Darktow Isle alongside the Squalleater.

"In Hot Water" (2x43) The Plank King expelled the crew of The Mistake from The Revelry for stealing from a fellow member. As their reward for uncovering Avantika's plot against him, he did not kill them. Instead they were banished from Darktow Isle and given the Squalleater. The entire crew moved to the Squalleater and left immediately. The Mistake was abandoned at Darktow.


  • Caleb claimed that "mist" is also the Zemnian word for "shit" and wanted to rechristen the ship as the "Shit" or the "Shittake" accordingly. In German (the real-world counterpart of Zemnian) "Mist" does in fact translate to "dung" (as in "dungheap") but is used similarly to saying "shit!!" in English if something goes wrong.


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