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Critical Role: The Mighty Nein Origins: Mollymauk Tealeaf is the sixth issue of Critical Role: The Mighty Nein Origins, written by Jody Houser with direction from Matthew Mercer and Taliesin Jaffe and with art by Hunter Severn Bonyun. It was published by Dark Horse Comics on May 16, 2023. The comic explores the backstory of Jaffe's player-character Mollymauk Tealeaf.

Publisher's summary[]

What strange events created Mollymauk Tealeaf? Entertainer, fighter, and performer, "Molly" has a knack for hiding his true self behind the shifting color and shape of a personality he seems to wear like his singular coat. But as with every member of the Mighty Nein, his past will eventually catch up with him...and it's a strange one indeed.
Publisher's summary[1]

Plot summary[]

In a darkened forest, a naked purple tiefling claws his way out of a shallow grave. He hears singing, and follows the sound to find the dwarven child Toya who takes him to The Fletching and Moondrop Traveling Carnival of Curiosities in which she performs. All the tiefling can say is "empty", and Gustav Fletching decides to shelter him despite Orna's reservations. Eventually, he is welcomed by the others, befriended by Lestera, and slowly learns to talk again. They find he bears multiple eye tattoos that will not take further ink. Lestera teaches him to read fortunes by reading people, and Gustav provides him false identity papers, using the name "Mollymauk Tealeaf", which he decides to adopt.

Eventually, Molly becomes an integral part of the carnival. He begins stealing from the rich and selfish people they meet along the way, accidentally discovering his blood hunter abilities when he cuts his hand while drawing his knife to defend customers against thieves and it becomes wreathed in ice. Gustav gives him two swords and adds him to the act as the "Ice Spinner". After a time, Lestera dies of apparently natural causes, and Gustav gives Molly her tarot cards and asks him to take over her fortune-telling act.

In a town near Bladegarden, Mollymauk rescues Yasha Nydoorin from an attacking crowd which is frightened by her skeletal wings. When she says she is looking for something that feels less empty, he gives her a four-leaf clover and invites her to join the carnival. In a town along the way, Molly accidentally comes across a group of bandits planning an attack on a nearby village. Yasha unexpectedly comes to his aid when he attacks them and agrees to join him in trying to right the wrongs they encounter along the way.

Months pass. Molly begins hearing rumors of someone becoming Lawmaster in Nogvurot by claiming to be part of the Dwendalian Empire and fleecing the locals. With the help of the rest of the carnival, he pretends to be a duke and gets the Lawmaster to play along with what he admits is a mutual con. During a celebratory dinner for the whole town, Molly reveals the lies of the Lawmaster and he is forced to leave town. Mollymauk is "crowned" in his place, forgiving debts and giving back the property stolen under false pretenses.

Eventually, the circus reaches the village of Trostenwald. There, Gustav sends Molly and Yasha into town to attempt to drum up business, and in a crowded tavern they encounter two groups of entertainment-starved people.



Due to the 2021–2022 global supply chain crisis and unidentified circumstances with creative teams, many Critical Role titles were delayed.[2] The release of Mollymauk Tealeaf was postponed multiple times from its original September 14, 2022 date and was finally released on May 16, 2023.[3][4]



ISBN Released Publisher Format Price Ref.
9781506723778 May 16 2023 Dark Horse Comics Hardcover [1][3]
May 16 2023 Dark Horse Comics Digital [1]

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