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Critical Role: The Mighty Nein Origins: Jester Lavorre is the first issue of Critical Role: The Mighty Nein Origins, written by Sam Maggs with direction from Matthew Mercer and Laura Bailey, and with art by Hunter Severn Bonyun. It was published by Dark Horse Comics on November 3, 2021. The comic explores the backstory of Bailey's player-character Jester Lavorre.

Publisher's summary[]

What's a nice tiefling like Jester doing in a party like the Mighty Nein?

Jester Lavorre had an unconventional upbringing, even for one born in cosmopolitan Nicodranas. Daughter of the famed Ruby of the Sea, she had many opportunities for mischief as a small child, of which she took full advantage! Dive into the mystery of Jester's early years, her first meeting with the Traveler, and the fateful events that set her on a path to eventually join the Mighty Nein.

Jester's story is brought to life by writer Sam Maggs (Captain Marvel; The Unstoppable Wasp) with art by Hunter Severn Bonyun, in direct consultation with Laura Bailey! It's available as a gorgeous hardcover, ready to take its place in your Critical Role library!
Publisher's summary[3][4]

Plot summary[]

In Nicodranas, Jester Lavorre searches through crates of a ship. She finds a ruby, but she is promptly discovered and attacked the crew. In her narration, she admits that she was reckless but says that she is not usually alone like this. The crew chases her to the deck, and after failing to magically charm them, she leaps off into the water.

Jester narrates that her upbringing at the Lavish Chateau, under the care of her mother Marion Lavorre and Bluud, was unusual. As a child, she is spotted by Lord Robert Sharpe, but Marion assures him that, despite her daughter, her time remains entirely his. In narration, Jester speculates that Marion, frightened by going outside, kept busy so she had good reason never to leave the Chateau. Marion promises a small Jester that perhaps they will play outside when she is older; Jester narrates they both knew this was a lie but one that comforted them both. Marion asks Jester to draw what she sees outside and to show her when finished, prompting Jester to promise herself to always bring the outside world to Marion.

In time, art becomes the primary way Jester, and Marion, interact with the world outside. Over a scene of Jester drawing two children playing with a ball in the street, visibly lonely, she narrates that she told herself this was enough. As she grew older, her art improved, but she remained alone. About thirteen now, Jester sees a handsome boy in the street. He notices her as well and asks invites her to see Marion's performance at the Chateau together. Jester narrates that, truthfully, she needed a friend. She introduces herself to the boy as Jester. After the performance, Jester learns the boy is Barnabas Sharpe, son of Lord Sharpe, when his irate father catches him at the Chateau. Barnabas lies that Jester brought him here. Jester angrily confronts Barnabas, but she cannot bring herself to say that she was only looking for a friend, feeling it too childish.

She runs to her bedroom. There, a stranger introduces himself as the Traveler and says he looking for a friend. He has followed Jester's work for a while and invites her outside for a different perspective. Because Marion fears Jester will get in trouble outside, Jester cannot go, though she wants to go everywhere. When the Traveler says he has been everywhere, she demands proof, and he magic turns her room into a forest, impressing her. He asks her if she would believe he is a god, but the two ultimately decide to call him a friend.

Over time, she and the Traveler prank many in Nicodranas. Jester narrates she did indeed get into trouble, but the Traveler was always with her get her out of it. Eventually, Marion tells Jester that she knows she sneaks out. Though she will not stop Jester, she is specifically concerned Jester will be hurt if she continues her antics with the Traveler. Angry, Jester accuses Marion of being too busy and scared of going outside to know. Marion says that she is trying to protect Jester from a world that was never kind to her, Jester suggests that Marion does not trust her and storms out of the Chateau. Though Marion is in no mood, Bluud delivers an important letter about the Revelry.

The Traveler invites Jester to play tricks on the crew seen earlier, revealed to be Revelry pirates. Nervous about how heavily armed they are, Jester asks about a plan, but the Traveler dismisses her concern, asking if she wants to always live in fear. Though the tricks initially go well, Jester is held at knifepoint. At the Chateau, Marion senses Jester is in trouble, but Bluud is away and unable to go after her. The Traveler teaches Jester how to magically charm someone, allowing her to escape. He then teaches her Disguise Self so she can safely hide on the crew's ship. At the Chateau, Marion struggles with needing to leave the Chateau to help Jester. Inside the ship, Jester is excited at having done something so potentially deadly. However, the Traveler is not enthusiastic when she says they can do anything together. Before he can say something, she runs off to find a gift for Marion and searches through crates, as at the beginning. She notices a crest and copies it down. She finds the ruby. Marion, nervous, walks into the street.

Leaping into the sea, Jester observes that the Traveler was gone, leaving her again alone. Though lucky to have had the people she grew up with, she says that it took a long time to learn who would be there when most needed. She climbs out of the water and is surrounded by the pirates, but Bluud rescues her by pulling her onto a carriage. At the Chateau, Jester hugs her mother, who went into the market to find Bluud to rescue her. Wanting Jester to not be as afraid of the world as she is, Marion has Jester promise to surround herself with people she trusts and who love her. Upstairs, Jester confronts the Traveler over leaving her, which he defends as attempting to prevent her from becoming reliant on him. Though unhappy, she accepts the explanation.

Lord Sharpe bursts into the room looking for Marion. Noticing the crest from the ship on his clothing, Jester pretends to fetch her mother. Though the Traveler warns against it, she disguises herself as Marion and instructs Sharpe to wait on the balcony in his underwear. She shouts for everyone's attention and locks him outside, humiliating him. Jester tells Marion that Sharpe works with the Revelery. Already knowing this, Marion admits she has been building evidence against him for years. She expresses her faith and confidence in Jester and instructs her to leave immediately, seeking for safety. Promising to write, Jester runs off into the night with the Traveler.

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  • Barnabas Sharpe, son of Robert Sharpe


The comic was originally scheduled for publication by Dark Horse Comics on June 16, 2021.[1] Due to the 2021 global supply chain crisis and unidentified circumstances with creative teams, all Critical Role titles were delayed,[5] and The Mighty Nein Origins: Jester Lavorre instead was made available at comics shops on November 3, 2021,[5] available at book retailers on December 7, 2021,[6] and digitally on December 8, 2021.[7]



ISBN Released Publisher Format Price Ref.
1506723764 November 3, 2021 Dark Horse Comics Hardcover $17.99 [3]
December 8, 2021 Dark Horse Comics Digital $10.99 [7]

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  • Though it conflicts with the timeline established in the campaign, Fjord has his falchion when Jester and the Traveler run past him on the final page.



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