The Magician's Judge is a greatsword from The Age of Arcanum. It was retrieved from Siff Duthar's Abandoned Research Facility by the Mighty Nein, and is currently wielded by Yasha along with Skingorger.

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The Magician's Judge is a six-foot long greatsword. The weapon has a wide blade and a hilt of a gold color with tiny runes inscribed along its edges.[1][2] The hilt curls up to the side in sharp angles forming a sort of 'V' that flanks the blade.[3]

History Edit

BlackSalander Magician's judge

Fan art of The Magician's Judge, by BlackSalander.[art 2]

This weapon from the Age of Arcanum was an executioner's blade used to kill mages that went against the law of the land, were caught by the law and killed.[4] Once wielded by a bounty hunter that came after Siff Duthar, this blade was mounted as a trophy when Siff, having lost his legs to the blade, slew the bounty hunter with fire.[5][6]

A long time later, the Mighty Nein took the blade from Siff's research facility and gave it to Yasha Nydoorin, who wielded it as her primary weapon.

After Yasha was kidnapped by the Iron Shepherds, the blade was temporarily wielded by Wohn, who used it against the Mighty Nein in battle on at least one occasion. After defeating the Iron Shepherds, the blade was recovered from Wohn's body and returned to Yasha.

Properties Edit

The Magician's Judge allows its user to cast Dispel Magic either as part of an attack or as a separate spell.[7] It can only use Dispel Magic once per long rest.

Notable Uses Edit

Yasha used it to destroy a bowl that could be used to commune with The Scaled Tyrant.[8]

References Edit

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