The Lord of the Hells is an evil devil god of the hells and represents mastery of tyranny and domination. He relishes in corrupting mortal souls with his honeyed words. He rules his domain with iron rule and punishment he inflicts for crossing him are legendary. Devils and other evil entities pay him tribute, while warlocks are drawn to his power.


Once a celestial, Lord of the Hells is depicted in many tomes and murals as a handsome humanoid of deep, red skin and long, black hair with two curling horns rising from his brow.


The Lord of the Hells has many enemies even among the Betrayer Gods, many of whom only follow him out of fear. Though his archenemy is The Changebringer, she was the one who defeated him during the Calamity by tricking his armies into attacking one another.


  • Assert dominance and power over others. Show your strength of will in the image of the Lord.
  • Repay cruelty done unto you with further evil. If others show you kindness, exploit it.
  • As you ascend to power, do not pity or show mercy to those you climb over to get there. Compassion is unwarranted for the weak.[1]

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