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The List was Percival de Rolo's original pepperbox pistol, and the first gun he ever created under the influence of Orthax.


At some point Percy had two of the barrels enchanted to shoot magical bullets: one with a fire enchantment and one with ice.

The List - Constant Scribbles

Fan art of The List, by Constant Scribbles.[art 2]


The name of the gun came from the inscriptions on five of the six barrels showing the names of people Percy sought vengeance against. The names on it were:[2]

The sixth barrel was originally blank, but after Percy returned to Whitestone, the final name appeared: Cassandra de Rolo, Percy's younger sister.[3]

It was eventually discovered that Orthax, the shadow demon Percy had unknowingly made a pact with, was bound to him through The List. This tie was severed when Scanlan took the pepperbox and threw it into a pit of acid.[4]

The Legend of Vox Machina[]

While Percy battled Orthax, Vex'ahlia and Grog's names appeared on empty barrels in addition to Cassandra's. Scanlan still threw the gun into a pit of acid, although without charming Percy first. After he did so, Orthax briefly screeched and appeared within the acid pit.[5]


  • Despite fan speculation that the sixth, blank barrel was for Percy himself, Taliesin Jaffe has stated that no specific name was originally meant for that barrel. Instead, the sixth barrel represented a new start and a new list. If Percy had killed all the people on the list, six more names would have appeared in an endless cycle.[6]
    • In the same conversation it was revealed that Matthew Mercer had decided that, if Percy killed everyone on the list then a new list would appear. Matt and Taliesin came up with this independently and only found out in the campaign wrap-up that they had the same idea.[7]
  • Percy himself did not refer to this weapon by name, leading to some debate if the name was just made up by fans, or if the proper name was actually "Pepperbox". Matt referred to it as the List twice during the show[8][9], while Taliesin confirmed in a tweet that the type of gun was pepperbox while having its own unique name[10], and later named all 3 pistols with the List as one of them.[11]



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