The Laughing Hand is the Undying Chosen of The Crawling King: one of the god's most loyal and most powerful zealots. As an NPC, The Laughing Hand is played by Matthew Mercer.

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Wearing a deep brown, oily, black-stained hood and cloak, the Laughing Hand stands a full ten feet in height. His cloak hides much of his torso, dangling just past the forearms. Beneath the hood is a sagging open jaw, sharp broken teeth, and pale dirty skin weirdly twisted to look like some sort of horrifying mockery of a human face. He wears red stained leather across the body and legs, and heavy boots. His right hand is missing below the forearm, and where the hand would be is a long double-sided blade affixed and built into his arm. [1]

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"Reflections" (2x68) Edit

The Laughing Hand is mentioned in this episode when his name is mentioned by the head of the Aasimar when Caduceus interrogates it.

"The King's Cage" (2x69) Edit

Upon being freed from his sarcophagus by Obann, the Laughing Hand swiftly summons his shadow hounds and then attacks the Mighty Nein. The party manages to land a few blows on the champion of the Crawling King, but watch in horror as laughing mouths appear from the creature's wounds. After Fjord slays Obann, Obann in his dying breath tells Yasha to avenge him: she then seemingly switches allegiances and begins to aid the Laughing Hand by attacking her former friends and allies. Beau discovers how to seal the gate and the group rallies in a last ditch effort to retreat. As the Mighty Nein attempt to escape, Fjord is grappled and brought to the brink of death by the Laughing Hand, but is pulled to safety with the combined efforts of Beau and Caleb. Eventually the party are able to seal the tomb, trapping Yasha and the Laughing Hand inside. Sometime after, the Laughing Hand and Yasha break through the initial tomb door and begin to make their escape from the tomb.

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  • Since Obann refers to the Laughing Hand as a "zealot", it's possible that the Laughing Hand is also a Path of the Zealot Barbarian, like Yasha.

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