The Last Line was a team competing in the Victory Pit during the Harvest Close Festival in Zadash consisting of five soldiers of the Righteous Brand[1] from Bladegarden.


Gunther Prast by OrcBarbies

Fan art of Gunther Prast, by OrcBarbies.[art 1]

Lyall Callum Kendal

Fan art of Kendall, by Callum Lyall.[art 2]


"Harvest Close" (2x17)Edit

The Mighty Nein first encountered this group in Zadash during the Harvest Close Festival as they were manning the Soldier's Spirit game.[4][5] This group later competed in the Victory Pit.[1] As the first group to be called out in the first round, they fought and defeated a Banderhobb.[6] Advancing into the second round the group fought but was quickly overpowered and defeated by two minotaurs, resulting in the group being knocked out of the tournament.[7]


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