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The Landlocked Lady is a brothel in Shadycreek Run that has rooms for rent and companionship to join as well. A man named Champ[1] works here and it is run by the Mardoon family.[2] The nightly room rates are two gold for one room with two occupants and no companionship, or five gold pieces for an hour of companionship plus one gold, five silver for the room.[3]

Building Description[]

The brothel is a very beautiful two-story complex that stands out from nearby buildings, which are drab and in serious disrepair. On the second story above the main archway is a curved arch with the false bow of a ship that is emerging outward, a beautifully carved mermaid in the front that is clutching the front of the ship. It rests with a sign dangling from it reading The Landlocked Lady.[4] There is a hitching post off to the side of the building where horses can be hitched to.[5]


The interior of the building has a handful of tables decorated with candles and fine silks. To the left of the entrance is a carved window-like bar. There is a fresh smell of lavender, a vanilla incense that strikes the senses, stinging the eyes with its potency. Everything seems to have been there for a while or seems to have been weathered through travel or use.[6]


The Mighty Nein was greeted at the front desk on their arrival by Champ, a human male in his thirties, and on their departure by Keelyn, a young, half-elven man with curly mop of bright-red hair and vibrant green eyes.


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