Ioun, the Knowing Mistress is the goddess of knowledge, prophecy, and skill. She opposes Vecna, who deals in dark secrets and hidden knowledge. As an NPC, Ioun is played by Matthew Mercer.

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Ioun appears as an older woman of long, wavy silver hair. Her skin is weathered and wrinkled around her almond eyes with purple irises. She wears blue and white robes that tumble out from her form in tendrils of parchment.[3]

Ioun has a large darkened gash of black curling void in her stomach.[4]

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Fan art of the ziggurat beneath Whitestone, by Son of Joxer.[art 1]

Beneath the castle of Whitestone lies an ancient underground ziggurat, which was a temple to Ioun. Some 800 years ago,[5] the land around that ziggurat was the site of a divine battle, in which Ioun and the god Pelor sought to banish the Chained Oblivion. Ioun was badly wounded in that battle,[6] and Pelor blessed the land with his own Sun Tree to watch over and protect her hidden temple.[citation needed]

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The Knowing Mistress is one of the deities approved for worship within the Dwendalian Empire.[7]

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Ioun was one of the gods who fought against the Chained Oblivion during the Calamity, around 800 years ago. She was badly wounded by the traitor god in that battle and has been recovering, in hiding, ever since.[5][1]

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Another Common Ioun Symbol

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