The Knights of Requital is an underground organisation dedicated to ridding Zadash from the corrupt and unjust officials currently in charge. They hold regular meetings in The Leaky Tap.

Known Members


Campaign 2

"Zemnian Nights" (2x11)

Meeting at midnight down in one of the cellars of the Leaky Tap, Caleb, Beauregard, and Fjord met up with Kara, Ulog, Dolan and his partner Horris. They shared information that had been gathered and discussed plans of how to remove Lord Sutan and High Richter Dayana Prucine from their respective positions and how to get justice for the suffering they had endured.[2] Deciding to use their organization's name as a plant against their targets the group decided to switch up their meeting place to the Song and Supper Inn and go by the name The Inquiry[3].

Horris:  "We put two months into planning something, and it requires certain skill sets. Ulog, if you'd like to elaborate on this."
Ulog:  "So we've intercepted some documents to Lord Sutan, one of the pretty faces and money grabbers over there in the Tri-Spire. Very politically connected. Apparently, he's been doing some business with a lowlife who's known in the more crown-based circles as one of those arrest-on-sight types. So we believe this individual might be involved with The Myriad. We tried to bring this information to the Lawmaster, Orentha, as she is a friend of Dolan's. However, we were intercepted by the High-Richter Prucine. She's about as corrupt as you get in the structure here in Zadash. She intercepted it, so that she delivered the information. I've heard nothing since. A couple of our members have been closely watched by the Crownsguard ever since. So we believe the High-Richter might be in on it. So we've decided if we can somehow turn Lord Sutan against the High-Richter, and then expose them to the Lawmaster, they'll either be arrested or ousted from their positions. Which, one, would be a victory for those who do not want to live under the claws of corruption in this city. And two, vacates the position of High-Richter. While Horris' practice may have been irrevocably damaged in the public eye, Dolan is a respected member of the society here. The locals at least. We believe that, if not the High-Richter himself, perhaps another position as things shift. It would behoove us--"
Dolan:  "It would be helpful to have at least one of us with an ear on the bead of the inner circle of how the law is distributed within Zadash. While it is not my bailiwick, people seem to trust me, and I think that's the most important thing when taking an office. We've outlined a means of doing so. This is where we may need your help."
Kara:  "All right then, so, the current plan is to infiltrate the Lord Sutan's estate in the Tri-Spire, steal a copy of his wax seal, and his handwriting. After we forge a little of the correspondence to this unsavory individual who he was speaking to in this letter, we make a new one that writes about an assassination of the High-Richter, sealed, and signed by the Lord Sutan. Then, we infiltrate the home of the High-Richter, tear apart the living space, look like it's been tousled and tossed, like someone was seeking her while she was out for the night, at a local ball, which she'll be one night from here. Before she returns to find her place destroyed, we take this letter that we found and left it, hidden within her room. She finds the letter, brings it to the Lawmaster--"
Ulog:  "Sorry, misunderstood. She doesn't get the letter. We deliver it ourselves to the Lawmaster. I don't trust her to take it. So, we deliver the letter to the High-Richter, or the Lawmaster. I prefer the High-Richter in front of the Lawmaster, if we can get the two in the same room, so there's no escape. We see her angry-infused, then they begin to create turmoil. Then, we expose them both, have them dropped or arrested, leaving the vacant spot, and they're out."
A discussion between the members of the Knights of Requital.

Meeting at the Song and Supper Inn, the Mighty Nein discussed adequate compensation for their aid in breaking into the two homes and planting evidence, while the pre-harvest gala was happening in the Tri-Spire, on the 18th of Fessuran 826 P.D. . The Knights of Requital agreed to pay the group, with Dolan and Horris chipping in 115 gp, Kara 53 gp, and Ulog putting in his life saving worth 513 gp, 21 sp, 302 cp.[4] Dolan provided a Knights of Requital seal to use of planted documents. The seal used the initials of the group and looked like an R that extended beyond to produce a K.[5]


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