Joma Cueto Member of the Grey Hunt

Fan art of Member of the Grey Hunt, by Joma Cueto.[art 1]

The Grey Hunt is a cadre of hunters led by the Grand Mistress. The Grand Mistress, along with rest of the hunt, is tasked with protecting Whitestone by tending to the surrounding Parchwood and wiping out any mundane or supernatural threats. Historically, many such threats have had their origin in a cataclysmic event during the Calamity, specifically a battle between the Dawnfather and a dark entity that created the valley in which Whitestone is located. This event scarred the surrounding land and give birth to a multitude of dark creatures.[citation needed] The unit seems to have withered away during the years when there was no holder of the office, but Lady Vex'ahlia has had a couple of decades since the end of Campaign 1 to rebuild it.
Grey Hunt Crest, 6th star

Fanart Concept of a cap Badge/ Shoulder Patch for the Grey Hunt (w/ 6th Star)

Known MembersEdit



  1. Fan art of Member of the Grey Hunt, by Joma Cueto (source).  Used with permission.
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