"The Endless Burrows" (2x50) is the fiftieth episode of the second campaign of Critical RoleThe Mighty Nein follow the tunnels of the Kryn's burrowing worms, but find much more than caverns and rocks await them down in the underground...

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Last we left off: The Mighty Nein had found their way back from the Menagerie Coast; to check in with some friends and the general chaos that seemed to be brewing based on the conflict between the Empire and the Kryn Dynasty.

Upon traveling and making your way towards the city of Felderwin (a city which seemed to be involved with Nott's history) you discovered that this apothecary that had burned to the ground belonged to a male halfling, who has now gone missing, and discovered that Nott had a little boy. And after learning about Nott's history, you learned more than that. You learned that Nott at one point was, indeed, a halfling. And through a vengeful plot by the goblins that stalk the southeastern regions of the Empire's Marrow Valley, she managed to help her family escape; but was drowned and then reincarnated by some sort of a hooded, powered figure that had an alliance with these goblins (it seemed), brought back as a goblin, and has been living as such for the better part of two years now.

Upon asking around the city and getting some information you discovered that the husband of Nott, or Veth if you will, has been apparently taken by the Kryn and had some involvement with his alchemical studies with the Cerberus Assembly and the study of Dunamis. You acquired a few objects from a subterranean basement laboratory that was mostly trashed, apparently during the razing of the city.

You then decided to go ahead and inspect the tunnels where these Kryn emerged from, one of them apparently still somewhat intact. And deciding to not be balked by a sheer wall of stone and rock, Jester proceeded to twice Polymorph herself into a dire honey badger and burrow her way through hundreds and hundreds of feet of rock, emerging on what appeared to be the rest of this un-collapsed burrowed tunnel of a large worm creature they had used to attack without warning the city of Felderwin.

As you, the Mighty Nein, had made your way beyond that boundary and began to step into this subterranean cavern, stalking and seeking the path these individuals took here, underneath the surface, we begin tonight's game.

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Jester worries that the Mighty Nein's plan to travel underground to Xhorhas might not be the smartest idea. Fjord suggests turning around, but Nott reminds him about her husband and that they spent three months searching for "your backstory". The tunnels range from brief bits of open caverns to following the carved worm-tunnels (which are about 10 ft. wide). Fjord and Jester lead the party through the darkness (with Jester keeping an eye out), as they march deeper underground for hours.

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As the two kobolds alert the rest of the pack, Jester turns herself into a huge kobold. Caleb completes casting Tongues, so he can understand the kobold.
Campaign 2 Tracker Map, Episode 32 to 50b

Campaign 2 Tracker Map, Episode 32 to 50

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  • Beauregard (reading a book): "'It was a glistening night. The snow fell on the winding path'...'It was chilly. She could feel her nipples getting HARD'?!?!? IT STARTS SO SOON, IT STARTS SO SOON!"
  • Jester: (casting Banishment on a roper) "Get the fuck out of my temple!"[1]
  • Jester: "Hey, Spurt? How long have you lived down here?"
    Spurt: "Eleven days!"
    Nott: "How long do kobolds live?"
    Spurt: "Eleven days!"

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