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"The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood - Part III: The Golden Goose" (Sx62) is the third and final installment of Critical Role's The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood series, sponsored by Bethesda and ZeniMax Online Studios. Game Master Liam O'Brien leads a group of restaurateurs on another adventure inspired by The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood.



Welcome to the final installment of our very special one-shot. If you are jumping in for the first time, don't stress. The first two episodes of this series are available right now on our YouTube channel, so you can catch up after this. If you saw the first two, welcome back. Join 19 million players in The Elder Scrolls Online, the award-winning RPG, packed with adventure and exploration in an ever-growing fantasy world. The newest chapter from ESO: Blackwood is available now on all platforms and is optimized for Xbox series X, S, and PlayStation 5. The Gates of Oblivion year-long adventure is approaching an epic conclusion with the launch of The ESO: Deadlands DLC coming to PC on November 1st, and to consoles on November 16th. We welcome you to join in on all the fun, and please check out everything Elder Scrolls Online at

Previously on The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood[]

Well, my friends, another day has dawned here in Tamriel. Summer has given way to fall, and along with the shifting colors of Valenwood's autumn leaves, change comes to Grahtwood. So, so much has happened since you five decided to enter the food industry together. It has been at least a year and a half since you opened the Leaky Jug-- Hole-- Skull. Skull? Skull. And the restaurant business has come with ups and downs.

On the one hand, your eatery, now known as Grelnok's Skull: A Really Nice Hole, is a fixture here in town. The good and hard-working people in this little corner of Grahtwood have come to know the Skull as a place to rest their weary bones, enjoy a drink and a simple but satisfying meal, and discuss the goings on of their day-to-day lives and any news that comes wafting in from the Aldmeri Dominion at large.

But... there have been challenges. The tax burdens have been far beyond anything you'd anticipated. The region's tax collector and representative for the Dominion's Department of Health and Safety, an imperious Altmer by the name of Diven, kept you all jumping through hoops just to stay afloat. And the property you all purchased together came with some undisclosed quirks that you began to discover over the coming months. Between the minor labyrinth of vaults and long-forgotten ruins hidden behind the back shed you use for curing meat, to the massive chamber housing an effigy of Daedric Prince of Oblivion Mehrunes Dagon buried beneath the very foundations of your restaurant, seems they left a few important details out of the fine print. You've survived attempts on your lives by hired sellswords, fanatical cultists, and more than one stray creature of Daedric origin. But you've persevered, survived. You even converted the deep cylindrical chamber under this place into a working wine cellar. The stony four-armed meanie below now rests among vintages from across Valenwood and beyond.

And best of all, this day is one you have been curiously looking forward to for months. As summer was winding down and you were putting the finishing touches on your wine cellar, a plot of land just across the road from the Skull was purchased by an Orsimer gentleman by the name of Dulgan Groth, a reserved and focused fellow, little you can tell. He seemed to swoop in overnight and begin construction of a substantially-sized building across the way. His plan: to build the finest inn anyone in all of Grahtwood has ever seen. Construction seemed to happen in record time, and faster than any building in recent history, surely. But a bustling inn within stone-throwing distance can only be good for your business. Weary travelers laying their heads down across the road will want food, drink, and the warm and welcoming atmosphere of Grelnok's Skull. It might take a few weeks, maybe months, but you're confident that a boost of business is all but inevitable.

Part I[]


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Part II[]

Featured Characters[]

Non-player Characters[]

  • Diven Leson, an Aldmeri tax collector
  • Dulgan Groth, the orsimer cook, chef, and owner of the Golden Goose
  • Mangla Mordrid, the argonian waitress of the Golden Goose
  • Rennix, the human bouncer of the Golden Goose
  • Rex and Rax, Slaughter's enchanted food platters
  • Triss, the altmer bartender of the Golden Goose
  • Wendla, the Nord hostess of the Golden Goose


  • Timothy, a former sous-chef of the Grelnok's Skull Tavern