The Cobalt Soul is an order of monks that worship The Knowing Mistress, Ioun.[1]
Ioun Symbol, cobalt

Symbol of Ioun, the Knowing Mistress, with a cobalt blue backdrop

Locations Edit

The Cobalt Soul operates several libraries, including the Cobalt Reserve in Westruun, the Cobalt Vault in Vasselheim[2], and several Cobalt Archives on the continent of Wildemount: the Valley Archive of the Cobalt Soul in Zadash, an archive in Rexxentrum, and an archive in Port Damali[3]. These libraries are offered a degree of governmental protection.[4]

The Cobalt ReserveEdit

A grand dome of blue, polished stone, the Cobalt Reserve is a well-fortified library organized, overseen, and guarded by an order of monks in worship to The Knowing Mistress, goddess of knowledge, prophecy, and skill.

The Reserve's collection of knowledge is so vast that individuals travel from all over the world to study here.  A monk is assigned to every person that seeks entry, both as a guide and as a security escort,[5] as Quian was assigned to Vox Machina during their quest to remove the proto-phylactery from Grog's torso.[5]

Known MembersEdit

The Cobalt VaultEdit

Some affluent individuals outside of the order were allowed to read books within the libraries but were carefully monitored to ensure that they did not remove any books[6].

Known MembersEdit

The Valley Archive of the Cobalt Soul in ZadashEdit

Built off of the western edge of the Pentamarket in the Interstead Sprawl of Zadash[3], this library is known to contain rare tomes and elaborate writings. It is maintained by the Cobalt Soul. Although open to the public under supervision, it has off-limits areas requiring special approval for access. After signing in, a monk is assigned as a watchful escort. Within the public areas, attendees can read and take notes on the materials within, though removing items from the library is strictly forbidden.[8]


The archive has a tall, tapering tower that curves at the top into a dome-like pinnacle. Flanking the sides of this tower are three smaller spires. The stonework of the main tower has a smooth, concrete-looking texture. In the morning sunlight, the tower shines brightly and reveals intricate carvings on the various tiers that spiral down the tower. The interior of this library consists of:[9]

  • Several curved staircases carved through the bookshelves, rising to different heights and connecting the higher levels of the library at various points.
  • Rooms usable for meetings or quiet research and study of the materials found within.
  • Subterranean training boxes with sand pits for sparring, as well as urban and wilderness obstacle courses.
  • Private and guarded teleportation circles to Rexxentrum, Port Damali, Tal'Dorei, and Vasselheim.[10]

Known MembersEdit

Other Archives of the Cobalt Soul in WildemountEdit

As of yet we only have had a view of the teleportation rooms of the archives in Rexxentrum and Port Damali. Port Damali does not have transportation to Vasselheim, unlike both Rexxentrum and Zadash.[11]

Known MembersEdit

  • Archivist Kethadok (in the Rexxentrum branch of the Cobalt Soul.)[12]

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