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The Chronicles of Exandria Volume II: The Legend of Vox Machina is the second book of fan art published by the team at Critical Role. It was originally published by Hunters Books & Apparel in November, 2018, and re-issued in slightly modified form on September 26, 2023 by Darrington Press LLC.

Publisher's summary[]

The Chronicles of Exandria Vol. II: The Legend of Vox Machina is our second art book which covers the last half of the story of Vox Machina. Our art book series is truly a labor of love and a celebration of our wonderful community. Each piece of art was created by a member of the Critter community (from all around the world!) and curated and art directed by the cast of Critical Role (with a special shout out to our art dad, Liam O'Brien, and our favorite pyramid goth, Taliesin Jaffe) and our friend Lauryn Ipsum (who also designed the book!)[1]

The second edition summary reads: This coffee table-sized tome features art by 100 community artists, curated and art directed by Lauryn Ipsum as well as Critical Role's Liam O'Brien and Taliesin Jaffe. The cover art by Matteo Scalera and Moreno Dinisio show the epic-level members of Vox Machina geared up for battle against the Whispered One, with his insidious and omnipresent artifacts looming in the background. Inside, each chapter follows an arc of the second half of the Vox Machina campaign, complete with in-world writing from Cobalt Soul archivists. The first half of the story of Vox Machina can be found in The Chronicles of Exandria Volume One: The Tale of Vox Machina (available now), and we're excited to bring this to a close with the second volume![2]

Publishing history[]

The second edition varied slightly from the first, in that there were nine additional pieces added by five additional artists:

Gaelle Calmels - @Lyadrielle
Joanna Johnen -
Kata Kemi - @Kata_Kemi
Lap Pun Cheung - @lappuncheung
Linda Brunhage - @ElfenCeres

Art by Lily Belle (@furryindenial, and Tess Fowler (@tessfowler, was removed.


Table of Contents[]

Chapter I - What has Come Before Chapter II - Trials of the Aramente

Taryon Darrington

Chapter III - Old Business

Doty take this down
The Grey Hunt

Chapter IV - The Year in Repose Chapter V - Scanlan's Return

JB Trickfoot
The Darrington Family
The Meat Man

Chapter VI - The New God Ascended

Delilah Briarwood
Sprigg the Obnoxious
Arkhan the Cruel

Chapter VII - The Fate of Vox Machina






  • This product works both as an artbook and as an in-universe document, created as a continuation of the previous one by Cobalt Soul initiates who, as a reward for their years-long extensive research about Vox Machina a century after their adventures, are elevated to the position of archivists, to serve within the Archives in Wildemount.[3]
    The CR cast as scholars by CoupleOfKooks

    The cast as scholars, by CoupleOfKooks from The Chronicles of Exandria - The Mighty Nein, pages 256 and 257.[art 1]

    • These archivists are named after the members of the cast, and each one focuses on a different specialty in the Cobalt Soul:
      • T. Willingham: Library of the Histories
      • A. Johnson: Antiquities Conservation
      • L. Bailey: Procurement and Acquisitions
      • T. Jaffe: Magics and Ritual Vault
      • M. Ray: Internal Audits and Assessments
      • L. O'Brien: Art Collection Curation
      • S. Riegel: Humanoid Resources
      • M. Mercer: Master Archivist


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