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The Carvers are the military guard for the dwarven city of Kraghammer, keeping the law on its streets.[1]  The standard uniform of a Carver consists of a dark crimson and brass chest plate with the Carvers' symbolic scar carved across the chest as part of the design[2] (likely giving the group its name[presumed]) and a long, black, velvet cloak.[3]  A Carver's standard-issue weapon is a warhammer.[4]  Adra, a local tavern owner, described the Carvers as "running a tight ship".[5]

Encounters with Vox Machina[]

Vox Machina encountered two Carvers as soon as they entered the city.  When Tiberius asked about lodgings, one of them (Thompson) misleadingly directed the outsiders to a place called "The Pig Pits", which turned out to be actual pens for livestock.  With a gold piece and a wink from Vex'ahlia, he directed them to more suitable lodgings in the Iron Hearth Tavern.[6]

Vax'ildan, Vex'ahlia, and Trinket tried to reconnoiter Greyspine Manor, but they caught the attention of some Carvers.  To avoid conflict, they pretended to be sightseeing, and the guards escorted them to the Manor.  The guards became scared of Trinket, so Vex sent him back to the tavern.  On their way back to the tavern, Vax and Vex tried to ditch the guards escorting them.[7]  Vax vanished, but Vex was caught and flirted with the guard, Thompson, to divert attention from her brother.[8]  When Vox Machina encountered the Carvers the following day, Thompson was "noticeably absent" and, as one of the other dwarves pointedly remarked, "He's been given the day off."[9]

During Tiberius's visit to House Thunderbrand, four Carvers surrounded him and accused him of attacking the House.  A frustrated Tiberius yelled at them, intimidating them until they stepped back.  Tiberius apologized and got off with a warning and a threat.[10]

Known Members[]


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