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This wiki contains spoilers for all stories of Critical Role. This includes the story for unaired episodes of The Legend of Vox Machina, as it's based on the first campaign of Critical Role from 2015-2017.


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Fan art of the Candle of Ludinus Da'Leth, by Cyarna Trim.[art 2]

Located in the north and northeast of the Shimmer Ward of Rexxentrum, the Candles are eight staggering towers encircling Castle Ungebroch, each unique in its design and structure, where the eight chief members of the Cerberus Assembly reside.[1][2]


Ikithon's Tower

Trent Ikithon has a multi-spired tower of brass and ruddy brick on the southern side of the Candles, the southeastern side of the Shimmer Ward. It rises like a twisting monolithic tree from a courtyard dense with oaks. The estate is known as the Ambition's Call.[3] On the estate are manors, including one which Astrid gave as her address, the 31st Woadstone Manor,[4] a one-and-a-half story home built of bleached pale wood with dark window frames.[5]

Immediately inside is an empty antechamber, carpeted in red and dark brown, with a crystal chandelier hanging from the partially domed ceiling. The intricately carved wooden panels wrap around doorless walls hung with large paintings of the Elemental Plane of Fire, a battle of the Marrow War, and a portrait of Trent Ikithon as a young man which appears to nod at the viewer. The floor of the room rises rapidly to bring visitors to the upper floors where the balance of the tower's rooms are.[6] On an upper floor was a hall-like dining room, with windows that looked out on a moonlit forest despite being in the center of the city.[7]

Da'leth's Tower

The tower of Ludinus Da'leth is a silver spire taller than the rest, a monolith of shimmering stone with numerous balconies and external staircases that emerge and climb, then vanish into closed doors. The peak itself ends in a platform that is framed by four angled obelisks that almost meet in the center. There is no main door on the bottom floor.[8]

DeRogna's Tower

Known colloquially as the Two-Faceted Tower, the home of Lady Vess DeRogna is a tall, deep green-grey tower that forks into two smaller towers at differing heights, immense and elegant in its simplicity. The door is large, made of smooth deep grey wood crossed by three bronze metal bands, and bears a large door knocker in the form of a ring in the mouth of a griffon.[9] The interior is as elegant and simple as the exterior, with marble floors, dark wood, gold leaf, a beautifully patterned circular rug, and two dark grey velvet benches. A staircase with an intricately carved banister curves upward. As in other wizard towers, the inside is somewhat larger than the outside.[10]

Upstairs, Lady DeRogna's lounge is carpeted in deep red, with a large white marble fireplace above which is a large painting of the broken landscape of Xhorhas. There are multiple stone reliefs and sculptures of odd creatures and beasts, like a hunter's trophy room. A number of polished cherry wood chairs are arranged in a semi-circle.[11] When the party appeared to be made uneasy by the sculptures, Lady DeRogna changed them with a wave of her hand.[12]


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