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The Broker was a bounty hunter hired to capture Lillith Daturai by Lillith's sisters: Nephitiri, Nethspira, and Bellenore. When Vox Machina encountered him, the Broker was accompanied by an old witch and a muscular warrior wearing a white, featureless mask. As an NPC, he was played by Matthew Mercer.



The Broker was a male red tiefling with slicked-back, black hair.




The Broker was hired by Lillith's sisters to capture her.

"Crimson Diplomacy" (1x25)[]

Lillith's cousin, Zahra Hydris, had spoken highly of Vox Machina to her in the past, so Lillith sought them out for aid. She disguised herself as a serving girl in Sovereign Uriel's palace, aiding Vox Machina in the battle against the Briarwoods and revealing her identity. After the fight with the Briarwoods, a red eye-mark began to glow across Lillith's chest. It revealed that the Broker knew where she was and that he'd been using Scrying to track her down.

On the way back to Greyskull Keep, the Broker with two associates approached Vox Machina and explained that his quarrel wasn't with them — that he only wanted Lillith. Emotionally charged and impatient from the night's previous ordeal, Vox Machina quickly reacted in her defense.

Lillith vs The Broker — Tyrannus

Fan art of Lillith vs The Broker, by Callum Lyall.[art 2]

One of the associates, an old woman, was put to sleep during most of the fight, and when she tried to run away, Tiberius killed her with a telekinetically-controlled, spinning, five-pointed throwing weapon. (This was a controversial kill, both within the group and among the other notable citizens of Emon, which contributed to Vox Machina being kicked off the Council of Tal'Dorei.)

The Broker himself was easily beaten due to most of his movements and spells being stopped by Tiberius. Percy — frustrated with the Briarwoods' escape — killed the Broker by repeatedly shooting him through the chest, yelling out, "Your soul is now forfeit!" Lillith reanimated the Broker's corpse and sent him back to her sisters with a message to leave her alone.


The Broker's masked warrior companion fought for him because the Broker gave him purpose. Lillith set him free, suggesting to join the Slayer's Take in Vasselheim to find new a purpose.

Character information[]

Notable items[]


Tiefling abilities[]

  • Darkvision 60 ft
  • Infernal legacy
    • Thaumaturgy
    • Hellish Rebuke[6]
    • Darkness


  • Invisibility[7]


  • The tracking method The Broker used to chase Lillith is similar to the blood hunter ability Lucien used with Fjord.

Appearances and mentions[]


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