Birth Heart by Kent Davis

Fan art of Birthheart, by Kent Davis.[art 1]

The Abundant Terrace is the district of Vasselheim devoted to the worship of Melora. It consists mostly of wooded areas and farmland, and provides most of the food for Vasselheim. Various enchantments in the district keep the weather mild, allowing for year-long harvests from its orchards.[1]

In "Loose Ends" (1x84), Vox Machina brought the remains of Senokir's wife to be buried beneath a tree in the Abundant Terrace.

Notable Locations Edit

  • The Birthheart: the main temple to Melora, which is an ascending series of tiered and irrigated gardens

References Edit

  1. See "Loose Ends" (1x84).[citation needed]


  1. Fan art of Birthheart, by Kent Davis (source).  Used with permission.
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