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Tharla Starr is a half-elf burlesque dancer. Tharla has not appeared in Critical Role or Exandria Unlimited thus far, but Matthew Mercer played Dariax disguising himself as her.



Tharla Starr is a young half-elf woman. She is about 5 and a half feet tall and described as "voluptuous" and "very distracting".[1][2] Fearne considered her "lovely".[1] She wears her blonde hair in an updo ponytail which Matthew Mercer compared to Jeannie in I Dream of Jeannie. In his magical disguise as her, Dariax wore a "jacket of glittering silver sparkles" with "bell sleeves" and "pointed shoulder pads" with "midriff showing" and makeup "done up to the nines", resembling a belly dancer.[2]


While in disguise as Tharla, Dariax affected a sultry valleyspeak with vocal fry, although he was not able to magically alter his voice.[3] He behaved in a highly flirtatious manner and was offended when Eduard touched her face without permission.



Tharla Starr is a burlesque dancer.[4] As Dariax played her while in magical disguise, she dresses like a belly dancer and dances with a ribbon.[2] She has toured throughout western Tal'Dorei,[4] and Opal believed she'd seen her perform in Byroden at some point in the last ten years; Dariax said, "She moves all around the place."[4]

"A Glorious Return" (E1x03)[]

Dariax Zaveon disguised himself with his Cloak of Disguise as Tharla to create a distraction for Dorian, Fearne, Opal, and Orym to pass into Emon without being noticed. His ribbon dance was very effective in drawing attention to himself, but also drew attention to the others. Dorian and Fearne pretended to be her backup musicians, playing a lute and flute respectively, and after their very well received performance they were approached by a tiefling named Eduard about performing their act at his establishment, the Black Swan. Dorian was frustrated that Dariax disguised as Tharla immediately garnered an invitation to the Black Swan when he had failed to do so on his own for "two months of playing gigs" in Emon.[5]


Dariax Zaveon[]

Dariax claimed to have dated Tharla;[1][4] according to Dariax, "We had a couple months that were kind of wild, but then it just didn't work out."[4] In reality, as he later admitted, he considered approaching her but was merely a fan.[6]

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