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Thangrul II is the duergar ruler of Emberhold, a duergar stronghold in the Underdark.



Thangrul was known to become particularly angry whenever anyone mentioned the name of King Murghol and Queen Ulara's lost heir.[2] As king, Thangrul "rules through fear and conquest" and is described as "wrathful".[1]



After the deaths of King Murghol and Queen Ulara in 810 PD, and with the existence of a lost heir only a rumor, the surviving Emberhold court rebuilt their hierarchy using Thangrul and his bloodline, readying the lesser war-duke to be crowned as the new king of the duergar in 812.[2]

At some point in the last three centuries his wife's impiety caused the Crawling King to send a monster, the Amber Worm, as a punishment. That creature was fought by Azgrah, the Lord of Deep Dwelling.[3]

Thangrul was crowned King Thangrul II between 812 and 836 PD.[1] Among his court are a group of drow from Ruhn-Shak, who are mistrusted by his other advisors.[1]

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