Well, if you manage to go and kill some o' them dog-people, you tell 'em, "Thadeus Candleglow says hi!"
Thadeus, before the party hunts gnolls[5]

Thadeus Candleglow[spelling?] is a halfling in his fifties and the owner of the Candleglow Inn in Alfield.  As an NPC, Thadeus Candleglow is played by Matthew Mercer.

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A halfling in his fifties, Thadeus has ashy-blond hair.  His face appeared cracked by smiling, but it was "too dour and soot-covered" when the party met him due to the trauma of a gnoll attack the night before.[1]

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When the party encountered Thadeus after the destruction of his inn, he was grief-stricken from the recent trauma but still eager to help the strangers.  Before leaving, Caleb Widogast expressed concern to Thadeus for his well-being:

Caleb:  "Also—I'm sorry—just between you and me, I know the look on your face a little bit.  You seem a little manic.  So, if you have friends you could stay with right now–You know, you don't have to rebuild it today.  I recommend you take it slow."
Thadeus:  "I don't think I have much of a choice at the moment."
[Thadeus gives a long stare toward Caleb that fades past him.]
Thadeus:  "Anyway, I should get back to pickin' up the pieces.  Excuse me."
Caleb trying to help Thadeus after his trauma[6]

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Thadeus lived most of his life in Alfield[4], and he inherited the Candleglow Inn from his grandfather, Reedus, around 815 P.D.[3]  A man named Leiman[spelling?] used to frequent the Candleglow Inn.[7]

"The Howling Mines" (2x06) Edit

The Candleglow Inn was at the center of a gnoll attack the previous night.[8]  Thadeus was washing dishes when the attack started, and he fled.[9]

Mollymauk Tealeaf:  "Who were they? What happened? Has this happened before?"
Thadeus:  "Oh, this hasn't happened as long as I've been here, and I've been here most of my life here in Alfield. Ya hear about these things kinda wanderin' on the outside, 'n' you know Crownsguard keeps ya safe. Anything comes too close, they just shoot them in the face with a bunch a' arrows 'n' shit."
Laura Bailey:  [hands covering face] "I love him so much!"
Thadeus endears himself to the group[10]

In the aftermath of the gnoll attack on Alfield, the Mighty Nein spent the night at a different inn.  They emerged the next day to assess the status of the town, which is when they encountered Thadeus amidst the rubble of the Candleglow Inn, trying to salvage his life from the charred remains of the building.[8]  Mollymauk Tealeaf helped him move a few of the bigger beams.[11]  When Jester heard that Thadeus would likely abandon the inn and move north, she asked how much money he needed to rebuild—only to be stunned by an estimate on the order of thousands of gold pieces.[12]

Mollymauk advised Thadeus to keep the inn while he and his group set off to fight the gnolls, and Jester chimed in with the possibility that maybe they would find all the gold needed for Thadeus to rebuild.[13]

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