The Temple of Renewal is a temple dedicated to worship of Sarenrae, the Everlight, named after her realm, the Island of Renewal.[1] The temple is located within the Braving Grounds District of Vasselheim. Beneath the cursed ruin of the tower of Syrac for hundreds of years, the temple had been lost to time and rediscovered in 810 P.D.;[2] Pike Trickfoot, a cleric of the Everlight, led its restoration effort.[3][4][5]

Notable People[edit | edit source]

  • Pike Trickfoot: Led the effort to excavate and restore the temple.
  • Gesyra: Painter who met Pike at the newly-discovered temple, accompanied by the only two other followers of Sarenrae she knew in Vasselheim: a blond young man in simple clothes and an older gnome with a crutch.[6]
  • Acolyte Sheila: Helped Pike restore the temple and became one of the first acolytes there.[7]
  • Acolyte Vincent Clor: Keeper of knowledge and scripture at the Temple of Renewal.[8][9]
  • Coraline: One of the head priests of the temple.[10]

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