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To use this template, copy the following code and fill in the appropriate fields.


{{Infobox Person
|title = 
|image = 
|caption = 
<!-- General Information -->
|full name = 
|AKA = 
|born = 
|died = 
|nationality = 
|residence = 
|profession = 
|critroleworks = 
<!-- Internet Presence -->
|website = 
|facebook = 
|instagram = 
|reddit = 
|twitch = 
|twitter = 
|tumblr = 
|youtube = 


  • Title: The name of the person.
  • Image: A good-quality image of the person.
  • Caption: A brief description of the infobox image.
  • Born: The birthdate followed by (age [Age template]), the list the birthplace.
  • Died: If applicable, list the deathdate and deathplace along with the person's age at death.
  • Nationality: The person's legal nationality.
  • Profession: The person's known professions.
  • Revelant works: A list of everything Critical Role-related with a page on this wiki that the person has been involved with in any way.
  • Twitter: The person's Twitter account.
  • Instagram: The person's Instagram account.
  • Facebook: The person's Facebook account.
  • YouTube: The person's YouTube account.
  • Twitch: The person's Twitch account.
  • Reddit: The person's Reddit account.
  • Website: The person's personal or official website.
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