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This template is an infobox for items and objects, including magical items.
Type {{Infobox Item|<...>}} with the following parameters:
Sample output
{{Infobox Item
|Unaired = false
|name = 
|image  = 
|caption = 
<!-- General Information -->
|AKA = 
|type = 
|rarity = 
|creator = 
|fate = 
|materials = 
|attunement = 
|properties = 
|price = 
|owners = 


  • Name: The canon name for the item.
  • Image: The best-quality image of the image.
  • Caption: A caption briefly describing the image above. Be sure to properly credit the artist.
  • Also known as: Other names the object is called.
  • Type: What type of object it its, such as wondrous item or weapon.
  • Rarity: The rarity of the object, such as uncommon or legendary.
  • Created by: The individual, individuals, group, organization, and/or political entity that originally created the object.
  • Fate: The current ultimate known fate of the object, e.g. when and where it was destroyed or banished, who or what destroyed or banished it, whether manufacturing of it was discontinued, whether it was given to a new owner, etc.
  • Materials: All known materials used in the creation of the object.
  • Attunement: Whether or not the object require attunement.
  • Properties: Any notable properties the object displays or has.
  • Price: The value of the object.
  • Owners: Every known owner, including individuals and groups, of such an item.
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