on {{{Y}}}-{{{M}}}-{{{D}}} at 00h00m Pacific
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This template generates a countdown and timezone converter for an event, configured by the parameters provided.


  • w:c:dev:Countdown is a required extension.
  • {{Countdown Timezone/Timezone Codes}}
    • {{Countdown Timezone}} uses {{Countdown Timezone/Timezone Codes}} to convert from the city and date of the event to the appropriate timezone, even accounting for Daylight-Saving Time.  This dependency also autoselects the correct timezone code to use when generating the links to timeanddate.com.
    • {{Countdown Timezone/Timezone Codes}} must be manually updated with new cities and timezones, although it is a relatively easy process due to the use of switch parser functions.
  • timeanddate.com
    • The countdown template generates URLs to timeanddate.com using their format.  If their format changes, then this template may not function properly.


Type {{Countdown Timezone|Event=|City=|Y=|M=|D=|H=|Min=}} somewhere, with parameters as shown below.


| Event = Event name (Required)
| City = City in which event will occur and by which the timezone is selected (Required, defaults Los Angeles if blank)
| Y = Year (Required, 4 numbers)
| M = Month (Required, 2 numbers)
| D = Day (Required, 2 numbers)
| H = Hour (Optional, 2 numbers, defaults to 00, 24-hour format)
| Min = Minutes (Optional, 2 numbers, defaults to 00)
| S = Hour (Optional, 2 numbers, defaults to 00)


{{Countdown Timezone
| Event = Critical Role – Episode 61
| City = Los Angeles
| Y = 2016
| M = 07
| D = 28
| H = 19
| Min = 
| S = 

...results in...

Critical Role – Episode 61
on 2016-07-28 at 19h00m PDT

Empty Template

{{Countdown Timezone
| Event = 
| City = 
| Y = 
| M = 
| D = 
| H = 
| Min = 
| S
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