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Tejana is a firbolg member of The Verdict. As an NPC, Tejana is played by Matthew Mercer.


Tejana is a tall female firbolg with a matted bushy black mane of hair past her shoulders, covering her eyes.[1] She stands at least 6 feet 8 inches tall.[2] When The Verdict first encountered Bells Hells, Tejana was occupied with tending to the horses, and was wearing the bracelet that Hutchin sold to Ashton Greymoore. She wears no visible weapons.[3]


Campaign Three: Bells Hells[]

Bells Hells first encountered Tejana when they met The Verdict as both groups were traveling to Heartmoor Hamlet to compete in the heist of the Twilight Mirror Museum. She was in charge of tending to the horses.[4] During the heist, The Verdict's party split and Tejana was one of the people who went into the lower levels of the museum. Chetney and Laudna were able to pick up her scent.[5] Later, after Bells Hells had remotely triggered the flamethrower trap, seriously injuring many of The Verdict, and came out to stabilize their rivals, Imogen attempted to psychically communicate with Tejana, but Tejana found it confusing.[6]


  • The Verdict

Character information[]

Notable items[]

  • Bracelet: a beautiful cluster of beads and imperfect gems in a double-wrap bracelet from Evishi, sold to Ashton for 20 gp.[7]


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