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Theodora "Ted" is Opal's twin sister and her warlock patron.



Ted with Opal - LornArt

Fan art of Ted, with Opal, by LornArt.[art 2]

Ted is an inch shorter than Opal. She has brown hair that she keeps in a French braid, and she wears sensible clothing in contrast to the sparkly, glamorous things Opal wears. Aimee Carrero described her as "Opal without the makeover, without the dye job."[10] She looks very much like a beefier, more muscular version of Opal.[11]


Ted was born in Byroden in 824 PD, the daughter of Paloma and her husband and the twin of Georgina, later called Opal.[12] When they were three their mother told them about her connection with the Aevilux, but shortly afterwards she disappeared and the children forgot most of it.[13] She grew up in Byroden, being often eclipsed by her more flashy twin (renamed Opal), who often annoyed her.

Ted left Byroden only days after Opal did.[14] Somehow she lost contact with her body, not knowing where it was physically,[15] but she created a mental connection with her twin sister, and through that she granted her magical powers.

Their arcane relationship remained mostly private during the time the warlock spent with new group, between 842 and 843 PD, but in the Verdant Expanse, when they encountered Myr'atta Niselor and her Verdant Guards, the elven mage cast Detect Thoughts on Opal[16] and noticed Ted's presence and potential. After that Ted stated that she feared that "purple lady". Although Opal and her sister had argued with each other at some points, and the latter had taken her sister's powers away, she had always given them back. However, when they were in Niirdal-Poc there was an attempt to kidnap Opal, and although it failed, the warlock could feel how her sister was falling asleep, along with her powers. It was by then when Myr'atta managed to establish a connection with Ted in the space where normally only Opal would reach her, which frightened the girl.

Later, when Opal and her friends were in the ruins of Niirdal-Sarqet, Myr'atta and two of her elven allies appeared and immobilized the warlock,[17] using residuum instruments as part of a ritual to force Ted to separate from her sister and become a monstrous terrestrial entity that could be used as a warlock patron against her own will. The adventuring party managed to kill Myr'atta and her soldiers, and then, using the knowledge they had gained on their journey, they managed to bring the twins back together, carving the glyph for "Opal" — sister, family, home, safety, and belonging — onto the entity's massive head, causing Ted consciousness to abandon the physical world and restablish her mental connection with Opal.

The following weeks Ted and Opal kept communicating with each other, with the former giving powers to the latter. When the warlock, influenced Lolth, got a new spider familiar, she named it "Ted 2", which her twin found problematic and somewhat annoying. When the Crown Keepers (plus Cyrus Wyvernwind and Morrighan Ferus, and minus Orym and Fearne) were at The Maiden's Wish casino in Kymal, Ted criticized her sister's immoral decisions in that place (although she also asked her to drink for her); however, when Opal later was in a battle, both Ted and the Spider Queen revelled together upon seeing the warlock successfully defeat her enemies. Later, during one of Opal's dreams, Lolth pushed Ted away so she could have a conversation with the human alone; however, the next day, the connection of both sisters remained intact, and Ted helped her twin to summon Ted 2 again.

Weeks after leaving Kymal the influence of the Spider Queen was affecting both sisters, and Ted was dealing with the goddess on her own too, being exhausted every morning. Eventually, she wasn't able to keep Lolth at bay anymore, and the goddess took control of Opal's body, wanting her to fight the Crown Keepers and cut ties with them, so that she could become a champion more dedicated to her cause. The adventurers defended themselves, and when Morrighan attacked with her rapier, Ted herself, as a shadowy figure, came out of her twin's body and protected her casting Shield. With her weapon, the warlock patron kept Opal safe, attacking the group, even when they tried to get away from them (like when Dariax cast Dimension Door). At one point, Ted returned inside her sister's body, at the same time that Lolth became more aggressive in her approach, and Opal's body transformed, sprouting more arms (three pairs total), signifying the minds of the two sisters and the goddess acting in unison.[18]

The rest of the battle Ted was in constant tension, being unwilling to help if it wasn't to attack whoever was attacking Opal; thus, she forced her twin to move towards Morrighan and attacked her, supported by Lolth's own attacks. Shortly after, one of the spiders destroyed some of the gems containing Opal's memories and connections, and the warlock forgot who Ted was, although her patron and sister stayed inside of her regardless.[19]


Opal sometimes speaks out loud to Ted, though they are apart. She feels close to Ted, though they made different decisions in life, and Ted is the source of Opal's magical power.[20][21] Ted is watching Opal from a "low, dark place" "beside and within Opal", and is trying to protect Opal from herself;[22][23] at times she denies Opal use of her magic,[24] and tries to control Opal's dreams.[25] During their adventures, and after discovering Ted's strange condition as a warlock patron, due to which she almost was taken away by Myr'atta Niselor,[26][27] the two sisters became closer again, although maintaining a bit of their classic dynamic annoying each other,[28] with the warlock patron occasionally threatening to take away her twin's powers.[29]

Although Opal doesn't remember it, she and her sister are Aevilux, two halves of the same soul, and when they "reunited" Ted didn't disappear but became a part of her, making them both stronger and becoming even more focused on keeping her safe.[30]

The last time Opal was seen, she had forgotten her sister, sensing her only as a strange presence inside of her.[31]

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Although they are twins, Ted has a completely different set of abilities than Opal's.


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  • "Sorry is a free action, bitch."[36]
  • "I'm not like you, and I don't shine, but that's okay. I have always been fine being in your shadow. But if you're gone, there's no shadow."[37]
  • Ted: (about Ted 2) I just want to say, I find that name incredibly problematic.[38]


  • Her full name, Theodora, comes from the Ancient Greek words theós (god/gods) and dṓron (gift), so her name can be translated as "divine gift".
  • Unlike Opal, she doesn't dye her hair. Aimee Carrero has commented that artwork of Ted with dark hair is just how she pictures her.[39]
  • The magic that Ted bestowed on her sister used to be lighter, but now it has a darker hue (mauve instead of pink) due to Lolth's influence, although it is unknown if the Spider Queen is also affecting Ted herself.
  • Ted's class and subclass are currently unknown, but given that she was seen wielding a heavy weapon and also casting Shield, it's likely she is an Eldritch Knight.


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