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Theodora "Ted" is Opal's twin sister and her warlock patron.



Fan art of Ted, with Opal, by LornArt.[art 2]

Ted is an inch shorter than Opal. She has brown hair that she keeps in a French braid, and she wears sensible clothing in contrast to the sparkly, glamorous things Opal wears. Aimee Carrero described her as "Opal without the makeover, without the dye job."[9]


Ted left Byroden only days after Opal did.[10] Ted doesn't know where her own body is.[11]


Opal sometimes speaks out loud to Ted, though they are apart. She feels close to Ted, though they made different decisions in life, and Ted is the source of Opal's magical power.[12][13]

Ted is watching Opal from a "low, dark place" "beside and within Opal", and is trying to protect Opal from herself;[14][15] at times she denies Opal use of her magic,[16] and tries to control Opal's dreams.[17]

Appearances and mentions


  • "Sorry is a free action, bitch."[18]
  • "I'm not like you, and I don't shine, but that's okay. I have always been fine being in your shadow. But if you're gone, there's no shadow."[19]


  • Unlike Opal, she doesn't dye her hair. Aimee Carrero has commented that artwork of Ted with dark hair is just how she pictures her.[20]


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