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Tatterwing is a green dragon from the Kirmont Valley, in Tal'Dorei.


At some point before 836 PD, Tatterwing gained a fearsome reputation in Tal'Dorei. Less than a century ago, this dragon produced three eggs, from which Toxoshuul, Chloroxodon and Snagglefang hatched. Even now, these three young dragons never fight one another, in honor of their common and feared parent.[3]


Assuming Tatterwing is typical of green dragons, they are immune to poison damage and the poisoned condition, and they can breathe air and water. They would have a breath weapon that would cause poison damage in a conic area.[2]

In their lair, Tatterwing would be able to control vegetation, using roots, vines and thorny bushes against their enemies. They would also be able to summon magical fogs to try to charm creatures.

The region around the lair might be warped by the dragon's magic, with thickets growing stronger, creating labyrinthine passages, and allowing Tatterwing to move without leaving unwanted physical evidence. Rodents and birds within a certain area would serve as the dragon's spies, but animals such as deers would avoid the territory, not wanting to be near a predator like Tatterwing.[2]


  • Tatterwing is the dragon from Exandria with the most known named offspring.
  • It is unknown if Tatterwing is still alive.


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