Talonstadt is a refugee tent city on the eastern edge of the Dwendalian Empire, close to the border of Xhorhas and south of Bladegarden. It primarily consists of Ravenites who fled from the destruction of Draconia and sought refuge in the Dwendalian Empire approximately twenty years prior to the events of Campaign 2, or in approximately 814 P.D. The Empire welcomed them in, but kept them contained in the area as they were processed and given a place to stay. This eventually became the settlement known as Talonstadt.[3]

While the refugees are not discriminated against per se, some people worry that there are surviving Draconian nobles hiding within the political structure of the Empire working to eliminate the Ravenites' existence within the Empire, resulting in tense and complicated political dynamics between Talonstadt, the Empire, and perceived allies that remain from the fall of Draconia.[4]

Talonstadt was the previous location of the Dragonborn messenger who met with Obann in the Overcrow Apothecary.[5]


82% of the shantytown is Dragonborn, with another 11% being human and 4% being halfling. Talonstadt has a population of 1,810 in 835 PD.[2]


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