"Talks Machina #50: 'A Show of Scrutiny'" (TMx50) is the fiftieth episode of Talks Machina.


  • Cardemonelaw: Everyone: So, children and old people? Again?
  • Amanda Arp: For Sam: As a goblin: Nott hides her true form to walk through society. What are her impressions of Jester, who accepted her so quickly?
  • Mnowak115: For Marisha: Seeing as how Keyleth’s story had a lot of influence from Avatar The Last Airbender, did you grab some influence from the Legend of Korra this time?
  • @RandomIndy: Taliesin, So what can you say about the relationship between Yasha and Mollymauk? How much does Molly care that Yasha allegedly skipped town?
  • @GruenChoc: to everyone but Marisha: What went through your head when Beau tried taking out the guards while in shackles?
  • Gif of the Week: Lunapocalypse aka @Lunapocalypse’s gif of Nott as an Ace Attorney witness
  • Hadley DiForti: Marisha: Why did you go after the little girl and is there something in Beau’s background that affected this choice of action?
  • OnionsHaveLairAction: Taliesin: As a traveling performer, what was Molly’s impression of Nott and Caleb’s magic bowl performance/sales pitch?
  • Jacob Thomas Bush: Sam: How much did it hurt to say “I love trinkets so much”?
  • @rhymingplanet: To all: If you can reveal it already, how old are your characters?
  • @TheWritingDruid: Marisha what’s it like not playing the innocent and using fists instead of spells?
  • @Pinzarthere: Hey Sam, what made you choose to play a female character?
  • Wulfiedude14: Taliesin: What was the thing you were “kicking yourself” for not doing when the group was trying to get out of the inn?
  • Fanart of the Week: Max Dunbar aka @Max_Dunbar’s art of the entire party at the moment Molly gave Jester a reading.
  • @ZeCasualGamer: For Marisha and Sam: what drew you to playing the classes that you picked? Was it a complete 180 from last campaign or was there a particular skill/feat that made you choose?
  • @dagger3x: Sam: Where did you and Liam get inspiration for the relationship between Caleb and Nott?
  • @yeshummingbird: Taliesin: What was with that look you gave Matt whenever he revealed the information about Molly (via Toya) while everyone was investigating the carnival?
  • cthulhulegobrick: For Marisha: Beau made a profound point that the lack of clues can be a clue of their own. When did you realize that Enon was a random victim rather than the source of the zombie problem, and what clued you in?
  • Emblom52: For everyone: So far we’ve seen Molly try to take shots at an enemy, Nott refer to herself as a gnome, and Fjord’s Grog impression; what other Vox Machina habits are you finding it hard to break?
  • pulloutking_: Taliesin: How does Mollymauk feel after finding out the circus was indeed behind the attack?
  • legendofhilda: Marisha: Taliesin said last week that Molly is not a fan of Beau. Is that feeling mutual? And how does it feel to have that change in attitude from Percy and Keyleth’s close friendship?
  • @MsGiniinaBottle: For Sam: How much time did you and Liam spend making up names for the various cons Caleb and Nott have run together since they met?
  • @KyleWithAnN: Marisha: Traditionally, a monk’s alignment is dictated by their commitment to the law or a personal code of honor. How would you describe her personal philosophy?
  • @Leigh574: Sam: How does it feel, now sitting next to the Queen of Dice?
  • Ben Thompson: Taliesin: Did you have any idea that the devil toad was really a fiend?
  • Geldarion: All: Is this experience we are witnessing a good representation of your last campaign’s beginnings? Are there big differences, and if so, what are they?
  • #thankmyguests: Scammin' Green Girl, Martial Arts Yay, Tell Us Our Fortunes, and I’m your host, Cryin' Where Are You Yasha.

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