"Talks Machina #3" (TMx03) is the third episode of Talks Machina.

Laura Bailey, Liam O'Brien, Taliesin Jaffe, and Marisha Ray have a Q&A session with Brian Wayne Foster.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Questions 1-7[edit | edit source]

  • aunt_zelda: Can you please thank Liam O'Brien for getting VM together? This year has been awful & VM has kept me smiling.
  • Zaim (Abu) Bakar: What does Vax think of himself now that he's becoming more like the spellcasters he's always been in awe of?
  • John Fougere: Talesin: Is Percy's hair naturally white, or white due to stress?
  • Brian Wayne Foster: Do you guys have backup characters lined up in case this shit goes south?
  • Old Ben: When Vex becomes God of Commerce will she keep key interest rates steady or Scanlanize economies for her own amusement?
  • King And Riot (KNR): What family does Percy hold higher? Vox Machina or the Derolos.
  • Ranger Kimmy: Liam: Vax always seems to fling himself at danger a lot (ex: Briarwoods). are you just hellbent on getting Vax killed or

GIF of the Week[edit | edit source]

Kyle W. aka @Lignus07's GIF of Sam caressing Taliesin's face with his soft hands.

Questions 8-18[edit | edit source]

  • Karli: Thursday's episode was the first time I was legitimately scared of a TPK happening, how scared was VM during that fight?
  • R. M.: If Laura's new to D&D w/this campaign how quickly did she get dice-obsessed? Is she the most or just loudest?
  • Eric Ness: Marisha seems to enjoy the spell casting aspect of Druidism, how did she choose circle of the beast over land?
  • Voltron42: @VoiceOfOBrien, you've said before that you DM for your kids. Any tips DMing for kids?
  • CareBear: Is there a chance of seeing any long term effects of Orthax munching on Percy's soul?
  • David: @LauraBaileyVO do you plan on upgrading Trinket before the big fight?
  • Sarah: Laura if trinket ever died what would you do and would you get another pet?
  • Leona Gregory: Question for Laura: if Trinket could change forms permanently, what animal would he be?
  • Daniel S.: How did @Marisha_Ray and @executivegoth come up with their character names?
  • Mazz Glendinning: Taliesan and Marisha: Do you think if you guys weren't sitting together, your characters wouldn't be as close as they are?
  • @artofbartlett: Liam, what got you into collecting all the fan art? Do you collect othet fan art from your other projects?

Fanart of the Week[edit | edit source]

Verena (Standard Edition) aka @der__klappstuhl's drawing of Percy and Keyleth.

Questions 19-24[edit | edit source]

  • DS: Vex. Speak True; Were you really in love with Percy? or was there someone else, prior to the Resurrection?
  • mandy klever: are we seeing a happier, less stressed and/or more chill percy after resurection? He seems in better humors
  • Elizabeth: Question for @Marisha_Ray: what spell do you wish that you could figure out ways to use more often?
  • Bianca Bickford: Anyone regret a decision they made, especially if they did it to be true to their character?
  • Okami: @executivegoth @Marisha_Ray @LauraBaileyVO @VoiceOfOBrien last good film you saw and or film you want to see?
  • Humanity is a group effort.: Q for cast - what are your pre-stream rituals to prepare mentally/physically for the game?

Thank My Guests[edit | edit source]

Lauren Bailey, Marsha Ray, Taliesin Heffe, and Liam Oberon.

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