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In "Talks Machina #161: Discussing up to C2E139 - Rebirth" (TMx161), Marisha Ray and Liam O'Brien discuss events through "Rebirth" (2x139) with host Brian Wayne Foster. This was the final episode of Talks Machina.


  • Marisha: What was it like for Beau to connect with Cognouza?
  • Both: What was it like to interact with the Somnovem one on one and as a group? Caleb's thoughts? Beau's thoughts?
  • Both: You released Yussa from Somnovem but are you worried about his safe return back?
  • Liam: Caleb found proof of time time travel. How does he feel about his discovery?
  • Marisha: Beau and Yasha seem to be stuck in a constant loop of accidentally attacking each other. Just a coincidence or do you think the dice live for the drama?
  • Both: How do you feel about the powers you recieved from red eyes?
  • Both: What do you think about Cree fight and the monstrocity Lucien turned her into?
  • Both: What do you think of the consequences behind the red eyes they already have and the future one?
  • Liam: How does Caleb feel about being pulled away from exploring Aeor?
  • Marisha: Fractals seem to be the recurring theme in Cognouza. Do you think they'll help against Lucein?
  • Both: How do you feel about Sprinkle being the vessel of Artagan?
  • Marisha: How does Beau feel a battle of wills with Lucein?
  • Caleb's impression of Beau.
  • Both: How do you feel about the upcoming battle with new version of Lucien?

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