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"Talks Machina #146: Episodes 99 through 109" (TMx146) is the one-hundred forty-sixth episode of Talks Machina. Laura Bailey and Matthew Mercer discuss "High Seas, High Stakes" (2x99) through "Frigid Propositions" (2x109) with host Brian Wayne Foster.

This episode was the first Talks Machina after the COVID-19 Hiatus. It was in pre-recorded, socially-distanced, bi-weekly format, with questions generated by the production team rather than critters.


  • Matt: How much of that did the Traveler and Jester's interactions during that tug of war influence him not going back to the Feywild?
  • Laura: What were you thinking during that moment about?
  • Laura: Were you suprised by your own reaction to the whole concept of the cult itself?
  • Matt and Laura: How do you feel everything went with TravelerCon as a whole?
  • Laura: Was there ever a point where Jester considered literally just walking away from the Traveler?
  • Laura: How does she see him now?
  • Matt: Do you think that Artagan has actually learned his lesson?
  • Laura: How was it to have the spotlight on you for so long?
  • Laura: Who would Jester have gone with if Artagan hadn't kicked her off?
  • Laura: What inspires Jester to try and befriend every creature they come across?
  • Matt: What was the inspiration for Vokodo?
  • Laura: What are your thoughts about the visions of the living city?
  • Matt: Who would the Disintegrate spell hit if it had ricocheted?
  • Laura: How do you feel about the side conversations about Jester?
  • Matt: What was your inspiration for Thaydeen's shop?

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