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"Talks Machina #138: 'Stone to Clay'" (TMx138) is the one-hundred thirty-eighth episode of Talks Machina. Sam Riegel and Travis Willingham discuss "Stone to Clay" (2x91) with host Brian Wayne Foster.


Discussing "Stone to Clay" (2x91)[]

  • Brian W. Foster scolds Sam Riegel for blocking his shot, Dani Carr asks to bring back Arsequeef, and Brian introduces the show.
  • Brian tells Sam that he is dressed like a meme for smokes weed once at 42. (The outfit roasts probably end up being most of the episode.) Zach (technical director) adds a visual effect that makes it look like Sam is blowing out smoke.
  • Brian announces that Vox Machina Origins II 5 publishes on February 19, 2020 through Dark Horse Comics.[1]
  • Brian asks if Travis or Sam have any upcoming appearances to plug and Sam "announces" that he's being featured in High Times magazine.
  • Let us discuss "Stone to Clay" (2x91). (Stoned Clay jokes are had by all)
  • Brian announces that it's the first time they've ever had Sam and Travis on the show together just the two of them. (Brian predicts it will be chaos couch at only 6 minutes in and he is correct.)[2]
    • There's four 10's on this show right now.
    • A total of 40!
    • I'm an 11.
    • That's a D, isn't it?
  • Zach misses doing a slash effect and Brian jokes that Zach is taking his beginning of the show nap because he know he doesn't have to put any questions on the screen for the first 26 minutes of the episode.
    • Dani says that's despite her best efforts.

Crit Role Stats

  • 63 in game days and 21 episodes passed between Caduceus Clay first mentioning the Stone family and the connection made with Fjord's given surname.
  • Caleb Widogast and Veth Brenatto finished Halas's transformation spell in less than a week, including when they were dealing with the Angel of Irons cult and arranging peace talks.
  • Henry nudges Brian to ask the first question already.


  • Lindira: This was not the first time that Caduceus mentioned the name 'Stone', having told the story of Stone, Dust, and Clay before. Is there a reason it clicked with you now, or... uh... were you just not listening before?[3]
    • Travis says he not listening before, he checks in and out! Thursday nights are time to enjoy his friends and some food.
    • Sam agrees and claims it's rule number one of improv: listen when you feel like it.
  • Ariel VanZandt: Sam: Do you always maintain a mission/to-do checklist or did you just have that in your head?[4]
    • Sam keeps a list of loose ends to stories they haven't finished and people to check in on, like Kiri and Shakäste, so that when there's down time he can flip to the list of things they could do.
    • Travis asks if it's in size 4 font and claims Sam's handwriting is tiny.
    • Sam explains that he has to be economical to leave room for the dicks that Laura Bailey draws in his notebook.
  • @MissSunFlower94: Travis: How does Fjord feel about having further connection to The Wildmother through what he had felt was a throw-away last name? Does he WANT to find any connection or does he still want nothing to do with that name?
    • Travis thinks it's a complete coincidence and doesn't feel like Fjord's last name at all connects him to the Wildmother and doesn't want anything to do with the name.
  • CryJenga: Sam: Were you surprised that the ritual to return Nott to her form failed, or did you suspect there had to be a catch? [5]
    • Sam says that he didn't expect there to be a catch, but also didn't expect to get to this point so fast. He also talks about how difficult it was to work up the courage to go through with it, and then it failed, and he doesn't know what it will take for her to work up that courage a second time.
  • DerAlpi: Travis: When asked about faith, Fjord always answered that he was still learning. With the most recent "Stone" relevation, and everthing that happened to him in the last month, what is his current stand on faith and destiny? [6]
    • Travis rants passionately for a while about how he doesn't think it means anything while Sam fixes himself in the camera.
  • @CostumerDelight: Sam: Are you as a player relieved that there is more to Nott's overall story? Are you excited to see what this next turn of events has in store? Or are you disappointed that while whithin reach, there is still something the way of Nott reaching her goals?[7]
    • Sam explains that it's all of those things. That he would have been excited if the spell had worked to explore what happened next for Veth. But it didn't work, and he's also excited to explore what happens now for Nott, because he made Nott as his character and thinks she's the best character in the Mighty Nein. (Brian does a poll around the set of whether people agree with that last part.)
  • Shenanigans ensue until Brian says fuck it, save us Cosplay of the week.
  • Brian asks Sam what social media all the teens are on these days. Sam says Snapchat, nope, it's they're on BeBop. Tiktok. He loves dubsmashing my favorite songs.
  • Dani remembers fondly when Cosplay of the Week was going to save us.

Cosplay of the Week is Kevlyn @KajiCosplays photo by LMShoots on Instagram.[8]

  • Dani announces that this is never going to happen again. They did it one time, to have them both on the couch at the same time.[9]
    • Brian reminds her that he did call it earlier that it was chaos couch.

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