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"Talks Machina #133: 'The Threads Converge'" (TMx133) is the one-hundred thirty-third episode of Talks Machina. Marisha Ray and Liam O'Brien discuss "The Threads Converge" (2x85) with host Brian Wayne Foster.


  • Brandon Hudson: Marisha: How long has Beau liked Jester in a, "more than just friends" type of way and why drop that bomb now?
  • Dawe: Liam: When you were confronted by the Gryphon rider in Rexxentrum, you stated that you were a citizen just "doing your part" and I found it interesting that Matt had you roll Persuasion, not Deception. How connected does Caleb still feel to Rexxentrum?
  • Evan Graham: Marisha: Beau has taken a pretty casual, no-strings-attached approach towards sex and relationships so far. How do her feeling for Jester compare to previous romantic flings?
  • @Cybrwulf1201: Liam: Caleb was very supportive toward Jester in her interactions with her father. How have his own regrets about his parents informed his feelings and decisions regarding the Gentleman?
  • Ohnoitsmia: For Marisha: Beau brought up her own father when discussing the Gentleman with Jester. How, if at all, does the fallout from this situation affect her feelings towards her dad?
  • Owl_Seer: Marisha & Liam: Watching Jester's late night conversation with the Gentleman was really moving (not just for the wonderful RP, but also there are those of us in the community who can connect to having an absent parent). What was your experience sitting at the table during that scene?
  • Cosplay of the Week: the Mighty Nein by Christina Silvoso aka @xtinaiscrafty
  • @Lindseymarie713: Liam: Caleb even going to Rexxentrum is a huge sign of character development. Without the immediate threat, would he have been willing to return? How much is he focused on the crisis at hand vs being anxious due to location?
  • @Beaulavorregard: Marisha: Beau doesn't seem to be very religious, but seeing as the Chained Oblivion is the one who wounded Ioun, has Beau thought at all about the Cobalt Soul's connection to Ioun and what any of it might mean to Beau personally as they pursue this conflict?
  • @JordanAlison98: Liam: Caleb has been really pushing the group towards getting Yasha away from Obann any time that they come across the group. Does Caleb see a bit of his past in Yasha or is it just that he wants his friend safe and back with the group?
  • @Yankingmyvajane: Both: It has not rained at all since Yasha was taken over by Obann. Do you think that the presence of the rain and the light that's shining down on the chantry is a sign that Kord is aiding the M9 in this fight?
  • @CarnotLesbian: Liam: How does Caleb feel about Yussah's assertion that not all of the Assembly is bad? Does he like or trust figures like Oremid Hass or Pumat Sol? Does he think the system can be redeemed, or does he still want to take it down?
  • @Yettinim: Marisha: We've seen Beau become more comfortable with her take charge attitude and leadership. How does Beau, as someone who has issues with authority, feel about herself becoming a figure of authority within the Might Nein and the Cobalt Soul?
  • Fan Art of the Week: The Griffin Riders by Alex Payne aka @Apricots_n_dots)
  • DerAlpi: To Liam: Caleb has been running from his past, but Astrid seemed to have been a positive beam in the gloom clouding his upbringing. Opening her letter, recognizing her handwriting, reading her words... What was going through his head at that moment?
  • Ariel VanZandt: Marisha: Beau really struggled with Molly using his cards to do readings for people, probably because of how her father got manipulated in a similar way. Why did she decide to get a tattoo with art from Molly's cards?
  • Meany_Vizzini: For both: You have each shared a very personal secret with Nott the Brave. Do you trust her to keep Beau's secret the same way she kept Bren's?

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