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"Talks Machina #132: 'Titles and Tattoos'" (TMx132) is the one-hundred thirty-second episode of Talks Machina. Laura Bailey and Travis Willingham discuss "Titles and Tattoos" (2x84) with host Brian Wayne Foster.


  • Steven Cardenas: Both: Who do you think is on the Tal'Dorei council? Who would you most like to see on the council?
  • @AstralSeaSiren: For Travis: Caleb said he didn't like tattoos, and Caduceus said his family didn't approve of them, but is there any particular reason Fjord didn't get a tattoo?
  • DreadPirateRoberts18: Laura: Were you more excited about the stat buff or finally roleplaying the gem tattoo?
  • James Whitney: Travis: Caleb contrasted himself against Fjord and Cad this episode, holding them up as men of religion. Since he's such a recent convert, how did being labeled this way sit with Fjord? Does he feel he deserves it yet or still has much to learn before he can be in the same category as Caduceus?
  • Eric Burr: Laura: Jester has matured a lot over the course of this particular arc. Is there a particular moment that you can pinpoint there she reevaluated some of her past decisions and decided that a change was needed moving forward?
  • @Soggy_Pirate: For Travis: The boys had a touching talk over fish n' chips. How is Fjord feeling having positive male figures in his life he can be open with and trust again after Sabian's betrayal, losing Vandran, and being bullied as a child for being different?
  • Cosplay of the Week: Pike by Kinn aka @Kinnvelier (photo by Klara Cu)
  • @Fuzzie_Face: Laura: Jester so far has been the only person to resurrect other members of the party when they go down. Does shouldering that burden bother her? How does it fit into her general dislike for her role as a healer?
  • @Megaletor: Both of y'all: After learning that cults of Tharizdun are often disguised as other religions, how worried are you about the Traveller and Uka'toa?
  • Tessa Widenhofer: Travis: Fjord has taken a bit of a back seat the past few episodes, what with wizards and politics and Nott nearly dying. Has being out of the group limelight helped him process his new identity, or are the recent events overwhelming him?
  • @Wally_Wests: Laura: Jester and Nott talked about how hard it is seeing their loved ones again only to leave quickly, and chose not to visit before they left. How heavy has missing her mama been for Jester? What things does she do to help herself on the journey she's on?
  • AjayHaych: Travis: Fjord didn't hesitate to support Jester in gong to see her potential father, did this come from Fjord's own upbringing as an orphan and wanting Jester to have a relationship with her parents that he never had, or was it only because it was Jester?
  • @Calebisntonfire: For both: What are your characters views on the Cerberus Assembly and Oremid Hass? Do they trust that the info they gave to the Assembly will be put to good use?
  • Fan Art of the Week: Chaos Crew by Morgan aka @Morganashwin
  • @McFlyCahill90: For Travis: Star Razor's ability to help Fjord notice invisible things has been invaluable so far. Has this ability helped Fjord slow down and notice things/look more before acting? Are there other features of the blade that have been helping Fjord as well?
  • Rajik04: Laura: If your insight check on Sprinkle revealed he was more happy/chill with Oremid Hass than with you would you be willing to part with him? If not, why?
  • @OtherLaszlock: Both: Having been ambushed in the middle of a shopping scene, how long do you think it'll take to work through your newly developed trust issues?

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