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"Talks Machina #131: 'Dark Bargains'" (TMx131) is the one-hundred thirty-first episode of Talks Machina. Liam O'Brien and Matthew Mercer discuss "Dark Bargains" (2x83) with host Brian Wayne Foster.


  • Seedy88: Matt, several of your players are the types to press the red button just to see what happens. How much of your design of the Happy Fun Ball rooms was to tempt the players with as many red buttons as possible to see which ones they'd press?
  • Katie Metzger: For Liam: It seems Caleb fears Halas more than the other members of the Mighty Nein. Is this because of Halas' human experimentation, Caleb seeing a bit of himself in him, simply the fact he's an extremely powerful mage, or something else entirely?
  • CertifiedStudMuffin: Matt: How much fun was it to dig so much into the backstory of your world as the Mighty Nein found out more about Halas and interacted with him?
  • @Wackyhistorian: Liam: Caleb was initially very eager to explore Halas's ritual chamber in the dreadnought, but then seemed very concerned about danger once the party was inside. How do you see the relationship between his curiosity and his paranoia?
  • Chris Gatlin: Matt: The bound horned devil was beautifully done. Jester in particular was drawn to it, pitying it due to its isolation. Was she the main target of its manipulation, knowing her past, or was he a general temptation set before the party?
  • Eric Burr: Liam: As Caleb meets more advanced arcanists, whose motives and interests all differ from one another, where does he seem himself in relation to them? And does he instinctively compare them to Trent to analyze for potential hostility towards him and the group?
  • Cosplay of the Week: Caleb by MK Frisby (@Suchamantis) (photo/FX by Bane (@Lieutenant_Jack))
  • PrinceofAssassins: Matt: Did you roll to see if the revivify worked and has there been any change in C2 with how Revivify works? Does it always work out of combat or is it tied to the narrative?
  • Breloomz: Liam: How does it feel to have your character's bestie be killed by a treasure box two campaigns in a row? Would Caleb be as willing to make similar sacrifices to keep Nott alive?
  • @AstralSeaSiren: For Matt: The effects on Nott's diamond during her Revivify were vey different than Caduceus' diamond. was this simply flavoring, or can you say if it is it related to where they were, or related to Nott specifically?
  • @Ebony_writes: Liam: We know that Caleb wants to help Nott as much as she wants to help him in return. What were his thoughts about finding signs of the magic that could potentially make her a Halfling again?
  • Fan Art of the Week: Mr. Clay by Ace Masters aka @Acemasters4
  • JesterIsBest_er: Matt: When in your campaign development did you originally plot out the Angel of Irons cult storyline? Was it inspired by Ashley developing Yasha, or did she easily slot into a pre-existing narrative?
  • @CarnotLesbian: Matt: Halas referred to healing as necromancy, which is more in line with older editions of DnD than 5e. Is this a deliberate way to emphasize his "man out of time" nature and how understandings of magic change over time?
  • @_Eelyah_: Liam: when Caleb told Jester that he didn't want her "suffering in a little ruby prison" about the gem of imprisonment, was he also referring to her childhood of being with her mother aka the Ruby of the Sea?

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