"Talks Machina #124: 'Rime and Reason'" (TMx124) is the 124th episode of Talks Machina. Matthew Mercer and Mica Burton discuss "Rime and Reason" (2x75) with host Brian Wayne Foster.



"Are we on the Internet?"



  • Tommy Deibel: Mica: What about last week made you agree to come BACK onto Talks Machina for a 2nd week in a row?
  • Landon Dastrup: Matt: What was your favorite part of the 4 pages of backstory Mica sent to you to play around with?
  • Dennis Burger: Mica: We've heard the cast talk at times about their awareness (or lack thereof) of the cameras and the live-stream nature of this game. Have you been conscious of the audience these past two weeks while you were at the table? And if so, do you think it changes the way you played?
  • @Michaelachaos: Matt: Did the M9 have any other options to make iceflex other than confronting Gelidon, such as a potion of ice breath that someone could use?
  • @MissSunFlowers94: Mica: You said last week you wanted to try something new by playing a good and pure-hearted character - how did you enjoy that change? What character choices did Reani make that you wouldn't have done with your other darker characters?
  • Toffeepelican: Matt: Did you have any back up plans if the ancient white dragon heist went terribly wrong? How do you plan for something your players are clearly not meant to fight?
  • Cosplay of the Week: Grog by Jesse of JessoLaurus Rex (Photo by Anne Barhyte)
  • ChaosAndCreation: Mica: Reani doesn't seem like she has run from many of her encounters in the past. How does she feel about taking a full on retreat from Gelidon, and how does she feel about Samleil sending her toward an unwinnable fight with an ancient white dragon?
  • @TriaElf9: For Matt: We pretty much never get to see past your enigmatic DM face; what were you feeling during the whole "lure the dragon out with food" plan, the hiccups in the plan, and the subsequent dash for the dome and escape?
  • Chazen Smith: Mica: The giant owl form was clutch in keeping Gelidon from noticing your approach and is a form that could be quite useful for the party moving forward. Was that something you'd prepared earlier or something pulled from thin air?
  • Boffleslop: Matt: Given their approximately similar ages, were Gelidon and Vorugal clutchmates? Rivals? Lovers? Was Gelidon upset at Vorugal's territorial encroachment?
  • Shandel McCafferty: Mica: Nott suggested a couple times that Reani take on the most dangerous parts of the mission - implying that she was the most expendable one in the group. Reani was quick to volunteer. What was her motivation? Did she pick up on Nott's implications?
  • Fan Art of the Week: 'The Ivory Nightmare' by Crystal Sully aka @CrystalSully
  • @Madhattergirl56: Mica: Reani promised Umi that she would bring back a souvenir from the dragon and that didn't happen. Is Reani worried about disappointing him with the possibility of already losing Fen?
  • Seedy88: Matt, how much of the lore and history that the Nein learned from the books last week was stuff you had prepared previously and how much did you make up on the spot? How extensive are your campaign notes on ancient arcane weasels?
  • JesterIsBest_er: Mica: If the Mighty Nein learn one lesson from Reani, what do you hope it is?


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