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"Talks Machina #122: 'Uthodurn'" (TMx122) is the 122th episode of Talks Machina. Laura and Sam join Brian to discuss the events of "Uthodurn" (2x73)


Loquacious Quark's summary of "Talks Machina #122: 'Uthodurn'" (TMx122)

  • @Andthejets: Laura: Though we've seen Jester angry before, it seemed her actions in battle were much more driven by anger than is typical for her. Has losing Yasha changed the way she acts in battle, especially in the face of losing someone she cares about?
  • @Robert Vanes: Sam: What informed your/Nott's decision to use the explosive arrow against the remorhaz? Do you think Nott would have talked to Caduceus about that choice during the rest of the trip to Uthodurn, or do you think that might be a future conversation?
  • @Rachel Kleine: Laura: When striking the killing blow on the Remorhaz, what made Jester call out to the Traveler in the way that she did? We know she loves him, but it seemed more passionate than ever before. Has all the fuss over other gods and patrons made her want to express her faith even more or was it just the heat of the moment?
  • @Math_Quizard: Sam: Beau instigated violence in the tree climbing race, but Nott took it to the point of drawing blood. What was it that drove her to use her single shot from the pistol to get back for the slight, drawing attention to the party in the process?
  • @Ben Steele: Laura: How proud was Jester of Fjord's restraining of the Remorhaz and his successful strength checks? And do you hope that those heroic actions could help Fjord find his confidence and know that even without powers he has a place in the Mighty Nein?
  • @Chazen Smith: Sam: Did seeing Fjord throw himself into danger without any powers change Nott's opinion on him? Do you think they will be able to become closer now that Fjord's being honest?
  • @ZerothLaw: Laura: In this episode, we saw Jester's conflict come to the fore. She seems to enjoy killing more than healing her friends, and seemed very regretful to have saved Beau. What is going on in Jester's mind at these times. Does she wish that she was more of a damage dealer, and less of a healer?
  • @CarnotLesbian: Sam: Nott has kept up and even increased her joking about Fjord's "weakness" after his power loss. Is this a deliberate attempt to keep things normal and let him know that she doesn't see him differently, or just because she thinks it's funny?
  • @StarGazerHPHG: Laura: You seemed pleasantly suprised at how much you could accomplish while transformed into a mammoth. What other animals do you want to try to turn into during or outside of battle?
  • @DodecaTHEYdron: Sam: How does Nott feel going from feeling feared in the empire and feeling commonplace in Xhorhas, to feeling like a novelty in Uthodurn?
  • @TheatreLesbian: Laura: Beau doesn't get knocked out very often in battle. Was Jester scared that Beau could have died during the ice centipede fight if Jester hadn't healed her? Did she worry about possibly losing her best friend?
  • @DangerMcRanger: Sam: There was a distinct between "Nott" and "Veth" when her backstory came out, but we've seen that she's still a good mother AND a badass adventurer. Is she starting to allow herself to combine Nott and Veth, or does she still want to keep them seperated?
  • @BrittTheBlue: Laura: When Jester made that slip up about using Fjord's powers against a dragon, was that a deliberate character choice or an accidental slip up? Does Jester think that Fjord can still hold his own? How worried is she really about this in-between state that he's in?
  • Brian: Sam: So far, would Nott say the choice to leave her family in Nicodranas was worth it? Why or why not?
  • @Wimtood: Sam: After all the blood, sweat, and tears you put into the DnD Beyond spots every week. After all the glorious outfits you gift us with the live show.After all that and so much more. How the hell did you lose the election?


"Are we on the Internet?"


  1. Brian, Sam and Laura thank everyone who came to see the Indianapolis live show and the panel at Gencon.
  2. Season three of Between the Sheets featuring Amanda Palmer has just aired on Twitch. It is now available on YouTube to watch as well.
  3. The cast will be in Austin on November 23rd for Brian's birthday and the Darrington Brigade one-shot.