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"Talks Machina #119: 'Causatum'" (TMx119) is the 119th episode of Talks Machina. Taliesin and Liam join Brian to discuss the events of "Causatum" (2x70)


  • Bianca Schiavo: To Taliesin: Listening to that lore drop from Caduceus' background was a complete joy. Considering you came up with this character in a week, did you have this idea planned in your mind, or was it a collaboration with Matt that brought that backstory to life?
  • @AnaliseGrey: for Liam: Caleb's spoken to himself in Zemnian before, but this is the first time we hear him do so at length. Is the lack of placeholder words like 'um', 'eh' etc. because he's channeling Bren, or because he's speaking in Zemnian instead of a second language?
  • Chim3cho: Taliesin: Is constantly having to be the primary voice of reason beginning to wear on Caduceus due to being surrounded by the paranoia and secrecy of the group, or is it simply a case of tensions being high under these circumstances?
  • DovahoftheNorth: Liam: What was going through your mind when Matt mentioned that a female Scourger had been captured? How convinced or worried were you/Caleb that it was Astrid?
  • @AdiraStopsBrian: Taliesin: Caduceus relies a lot on honesty and calls himself an open book. So why is it that he outright refuses to answer simple questions such as "how many siblings do you have" and "how old are you?"
  • Dave Emery: Liam: What are Caleb's thoughts knowing that the scourger has "Heard about you, Bren"? Does he believe this, or does he suspect it's a trick to rattle him? How does this affect his sense of responsibility towards the group?
  • Cosplay of the Week: Pike by Ren aka @rhapsocostumes (photo by Affliction Media Productions @afflictionphotos, wings by @evenstarcosplay)
  • @badassassassin: Taliesin: On a scale of one to ten how satisfying was that Legend Lore read? Were some of your hunches regarding it right?
  • Kate Dearth: Liam: For a character who has a history of having to lie/hide in order to survive, it's interesting to watch Caleb advocate for honesty and transparency. How much is he actually changing his ways, or were his arguments in this episode coming from wanting to take whatever route he sees as the best method for survival?
  • FictionRaider007: Taliesin: Caduceus mentioned that members of the families of Stone, Clay and Dust occasionally make pilgrimages to one another. Has he ever met anyone descended of Stone or Dust? If so what did he make of them and if not what does he hope or fear they are like?
  • Chris Gatlin: For both: Both Caduceus and Caleb were the voices of reason this episode, each having their own reasons for tempering the Mighty Neins habit of going off half cocked. What were each of your characters afraid of most when they saw their friends ready to act recklessly? Who is frustrating them the most?
  • Fan Art of the Week: 'But howsoever thou pursuest this act, Taint not thy mind' by Quorgi aka @Quorgi
  • @GalacticJonah: Liam: Though Caleb walked off at first, he returned to the house and even seemed desperate to be around "the boys" after his stressful encounter with the Scourger, instead of isolating himself. Is the presence of friends becoming something more healing to him?
  • Jethro_McCrazy: Tal: Cad said he didn't think the sword was for him. Since only one active member of the Nein can use martial weapons, does Cad think the sword is for Fjord, or does he have someone else in mind?
  • @DruidPhilosophy: Liam: Does Caleb regret revealing so much of his history to Essek? Does he fear that this will comprise Essek's willingness to teach him more dunamancy?
  • @MissSunFlower94: Taliesin: It's now been a year since were introduced to Caduceus - how do you feel the character has evolved since you first (very quickly) put it together?
  • Kate Dearth: Taliesin & Liam: Given her significant role in the last campaign, how was it for you to see the Raven Queen invoked as it related to Deucy's backstory? How do you parse out your personal vs your character's feelings on the world's gods?

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