For the kingdom, and later republic, see Republic of Tal'Dorei.

Official map of Tal'Dorei, by Andrew Law.

Tal'Dorei is the name used by humans to refer to the entire continent on Exandria in which the Republic of Tal'Dorei rests, though this is purely a human conflation.[1] The Elvish name for the continent is Gwessar, meaning "Fields of Joy".[2]

Notable Locations

  • Byroden: The birthplace of Vax'ildan and Vex'ahlia.
  • The Emberhold: A duergar stronghold within the Underdark.
  • Fort Daxio: Located on the western side of the Cliffkeep Mountains, north of Emon and Kraghammer.
  • Jovatthon: An invisible flying city-state of Cloud Giants and the site of The Council of Seven Scepters.[3]
  • Jotunborg: A fortress city of the Frost Giants, located somewhere in the Neverfields.[3]
  • Skyanchor Citadel: The fortress of the Stone Giants hidden somewhere deep in the Alabaster Sierras Mountains.[3]
  • Stilben: Small town in Tal'Dorei where Vox Machina met.
  • Tz'arrm: Capital of The Iron Authority, a hobgoblin realm on the southernmost tip of the island.
  • Vulkanon: A fire giant city-state and the heart of their civilization. It is located in the magma tunnels below the Cliffkeep Mountains[3]
  • Yug'Voril: An illithid city in the Underdark and the home of Clarota.


Main article: Emon.

Capital of Tal'Dorei; home of Vox Machina, Shaun Gilmore, and Allura Vysoren; site of Greyskull Keep (former home of Vox Machina), and the original Gilmore's Glorious Goods.


Main article: Kymal.

Hometown of Kaylie; accommodated some refugees from the Chroma Conclave's assault on Westruun.


Main article: Westruun.

Site of the Cobalt Reserve, a collection of some of the oldest known records of civilization; home to the under-development second Gilmore's Glorious Goods shop (before the Chroma Conclave attacked).


Main article: Whitestone.

Sovereign city-state far to the northeast; home of the de Rolo family; usurped by the Briarwoods and subsequently freed by Vox Machina. Currently their base of operations.


Main article: Kraghammer.

Underground dwarven citadel; primary source of mithral; home of arcanists of House Thunderbrand.


Main article: Syngorn.

Elf city; home of Vax'ildan and Vex'ahlia's father and half-sister; defensively faded into the Feywild after the Chroma Conclave attacked Tal'Dorei.


Main article: Lyrengorn.

Independent and neutral city-state of wild/ wood elves in the far north. It is located on the southern edge of the Neverfields, the icy wastelands on the northernmost edges of the continent of Tal'Dorei.


Main article: Terrah.

The home of the Earth Ashari, located in a bowl-like valley in the center of the Cliffkeep Mountains north of Kraghammer.


Main article: Zephrah.

The home of the Air Ashari at the portal between the Elemental Plane of Air and Exandria in the Material Plane. Zephrah is located at the very top of the Summit Peaks mountain range that falls away to a cliff on either side.



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